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Politico posted an article Thursday titled: “Biden enters the Always Be Closing phase of his first term,” just hours after the U.S. economy officially entered a recession, drawing heavy criticism on social media.

“Somehow, someway, Joe Biden is back in the game,” the article read. “After enduring a brutal year dominated by economic angst, legislative setbacks, and sinking approval ratings, the president is suddenly on the verge of a turnaround that, the White House believes, could salvage his summer — and alter the trajectory of his presidency.”

The story, authored by three writers, claimed the Biden administration has finally turned a corner with the president recovering from COVID-19, gas prices lowering slightly, the CHIPS for America Act recently passing Congress, and the announcement of a legislative deal on a climate, healthcare, and taxes.

“Over the next few weeks, the president will have to land centerpieces of his domestic agenda aimed at boosting the nation’s global competitiveness and revamping whole swaths of its economy,” the article continued. “Major decisions on student loans and expanding abortion rights hang in the balance. There’s also the matter of containing twin outbreaks of monkeypox and the coronavirus, the last of which Biden just spent five days personally fending off,”


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In response to the story, Americans reacted with a host of negative replies — pointing out how the United States economy entered a recession earlier that same day.

“Can’t get over the utter shamelessness of Politico publishing this ridiculous — just patently absurd — puff piece the same day the US economy plunged into a recession,” Republican staffer Andrew Wagner tweeted.

“After crashing the ship into an iceberg, the captain is suddenly on the verge of a turnaround after being able to drive one lifeboat around the ice. Some believe it could salvage his career — while the ship sinks,” another user posted.

Others pointed out Politico’s inability to keep track of its own reporting, which conflicts with the rosy picture being painted in the Thursday article. “Politico’s own polling had Biden at his all-time low approval rating this week (37%). The wish-casting is real,” another tweet read.

While the president continues to deal with crises and the U.S. economy enters a recession — the mainstream media, in an effort to cover for Biden, has forgotten the silent majority, once again. The same Americans who are currently suffering due to the Biden administration’s radical and out-of-touch agenda.

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