Joe Biden Goes On Jimmy Kimmel And Spouts Nonsense About Biracial Couples and “Mini” Revolutions

President Joe Biden has created a giant mess during his short time in office. On virtually every issue, the Biden Presidency has been ineffective at addressing the problems facing America. The Administration has fared almost as bad as one could conceivably imagine. And that ineptitude continued last night when President Biden made some perplexing comments on abortion — comments which will shock the ears.

What has the President accomplished? The border is in shambles. We have record inflation — absolutely crippling our economy.  The world is in chaos — largely caused by his negligence in Afghanistan and poor handling of the Ukraine crisis. We are getting punished at the gas pump — the average American has to think twice before going on the road. And America is more divided than ever. Heralded as a great uniter, President Biden has followed his predecessor Barrack Obama in tearing into the institutions of America. He is, like President Obama before him, the great divider.

That’s why when President Biden decided to go on the Jimmy Kimmel show, we knew we were in for a gag-fest. Jimmy tried to paint the Republicans as the bad guys for the entire interview — lasting over twenty minutes. According to Kimmel, all of Biden’s problems are caused by fifty evil Republicans and two Democrat Senators who can’t seem to wise up and realize that it is actually a good idea to waste trillions of dollars in taxpayer money. Also, Republicans are becoming more radical in Kimmel’s bizarro world, while the Democrats, who literally want to kill the unborn in the womb at unprecedented rates, are a “moderating force”.

There was little of note in the interview. Biden jokingly said we should put Republicans in jail (making a poorly timed Monopoly reference, mind you). He also claimed our economy is stellar — a badly done attempt at gaslighting. He talked about issuing executive orders to deal with our gun problem. More remarkably, he started bragging about all the ‘biracial’ couples on TV in a strange bit of praise for the younger generations. But most startling of all, he made remarks on abortion that will surely scare you — and they should!

He said America will have a “mini-revolution” if we get rid of a woman’s “right” (improperly so-called) to choose to abort her baby. He said he will deal with this problem by possibly signing some “executive orders”. Then he mentioned Griswold V Connecticut — a key case that helped lead to Roe V Wade — implying that a denial of one badly made decision (Roe V Wade) requires the denial of other decisions (Griswold, Obergefell, etc). Of course, that’s just how the Supreme Court works — precedents can be overridden, but that doesn’t mean they will or should be overridden. That happened in many key civil rights era cases — precedents were overridden as unconstitutional. Biden would praise those breaks with precedent. But not here.

Biden cannot let states have those rights which are proper to them. And that’s one of his major problems, his utter authoritarianism. We need leaders who actually value our freedoms moving forward — ironic for someone who claims to respect the value of autonomy.

Here is the full video:

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