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Kayleigh McEnany was the best we could ask for in a White House Press Secretary. She took questions, rarely “circled back”, and she was no-nonsense in her approach to the media. Most importantly, she stood with the President through and through. Simply put, she made us proud to be Americans. And as we shall see, she has earned some major praise from an unlikely source — the podcaster Joe Rogan.

Kayleigh’s professionalism contrasts with Jen Psaki’s complete and utter lack of decorum. Psaki’s answers were poor, and she lacked the strength of mind and rhetorical swiftness of Kayleigh — two of the Trump Secretary’s greatest assets. In place of substance, Psaki demonized good reporters like Peter Doocy. Now, the Fox Reporter alone made sure to ask her hard-hitting questions. He held her feet to the fire. She could not take the heat, heat she rarely got from the mainstream media.

Psaki’s successor, Karine Jean-Pierre, is most assuredly going to do the same. We hope things are different, but deep down we know nothing will change. God help our Democracy because a republic with such a poor press and such poor representatives to the press is a republic on the brink of collapse.

A person who knows the lack of integrity present in the mainstream media and the Biden White House is none other than Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan has been the subject of many a media hit-piece. They do not like him. The reasons are clear — he is not afraid to tell the truth. In fact, even when he is wrong, he is a much more compelling and commanding personality than the best they have to offer. In comparing supposed “journalists” like Brian Stelter to Joe Rogan, Rogan wins on almost every front. Rogan consistently tops the best that CNN and the Leftist media have to offer.

And as far as Kayleigh goes, he is a big fan. The podcaster said the following when asked about her:

“Everyone who gets it [the White House Press Secretary job] hates it. The one who was good at it was … Kayleigh McEnany. She’s the best. She’s the goat at that s****… She took large dumps on Jim Acosta’s head.”

That is quite the compliment. In fact, it is a superlative compliment of the highest form. Kayleigh was indeed the greatest and we hope she has a chance to be employed in the same position, perhaps in 2024. America will be all the better for it.

WARNING: The video contains some expletives


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