Joe Rogan Roasts Leftist Media For Lies About Florida Anti-Grooming Bill

Joe Rogan is back in the news for another bold political take, and this time, he is completely right. It is worth noting that Joe Rogan is not Conservative. He often attacks Conservative social values, and he has no respect for the religious wing of the Conservative movement. So when he agrees with Conservatism, especially on a social issue, you know the Conservative case is very compelling. And on the alleged “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the evidence is certainly one-sided in favor of the GOP.

The limitations proposed in the Florida anti-grooming bill are exactly the sorts of limitations any reasonable lawmaker would get behind. School children, especially those in the third grade (or even younger), are not apt to digest discussions of sexual orientation in a way that is beneficial. Parents should shield their kids’ eyes from the harsh existence of gender ideology. Of course, that says nothing about the legitimacy of such a movement. But it goes without saying that what is reasonable to talk about as adults is not always reasonable for school children.

Joe Rogan agrees. The UFC commentator and podcast host said what we were all thinking. And luckily for us, he said it on a podcast that generates millions of monthly listeners. Here is what he said:

“They’re saying this is the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law in Florida with kids, they’re pretending … they’re saying ‘don’t say gay,’ so everybody’s saying ‘gay, gay, gay, I’m gonna say gay cause I support gay people, and gay rights, and gay this and gay that. But that’s not what the law is. What the law does say is that from first grade to third grade, you can’t bring up gender transition, sexual orientation, whether people are gay or straight. They say don’t teach that in class. That’s it, that’s the law, which seems reasonable. You don’t want an unknown person who’s a teacher, a stranger, talking to your child, who’s six, about sexual transitioning and gender transitioning and sexual orientation and gay people and bisexual people and non-binary people. Like hey, hey hey, the f**king kid needs to know how to read, to write, to count, to know history, and normal s**t… This is a delicate issue that needs to be handled by parents and loved ones.”

In a normal society, Joe Rogan’s comments would be almost trivial — not worth saying for how obvious they are. But in Biden’s America, sanity is not the name of the game.

Here is the full video:

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