John Brennan, Former Obama CIA Director and MSNBC Analyst, Forced To Appear Before Congress To Answer For His Involvement In Hunter Biden Laptop Disinformation Letter

John Owen Brennan, former Central Intelligence Director from 2013-2017 under Barack Obama, found himself testifying before Congress about the 2020 Hunter Biden laptop letter, according to Fox News. The letter, which called the expose by The New York Post on the Hunter Biden laptop an act of Russian disinformation, was signed by the former director. Fox News reported that "a House Republican report says that the CIA pushed other former intelligence community members to sign on to that letter and then fast-tracked it to give then-candidate Joe Biden political cover."

The segment by Fox News turned to a prior interview with Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary, who elaborated that "it sure looks like you get someone from the CIA actively recruiting people to sign the letter...they wanted Joe Biden to have something to use in that final debate with President Trump because he knew that President Trump was going to bring up the laptop story...that is not fair to we the people- the voters of this country because that letter was used to suppress the story that the country did not get to fully appreciate."


The conservative commentator who goes under the alias of Amuse on Twitter wrote, "Former CIA Director John Brennan is under investigation for 2020 election interference and collusion with the Democrat Party. He is currently being interrogated under oath by House lawyers. Will Brennan be held accountable for his crimes?"

Nor is former CIA director Brennan the only intelligence official to be under congressional scrutiny. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), according to Just the News, has plans to call the current FBI Director, Christopher Wray, before Congress to testify about how the agency is ignoring a Congressional subpoena. McCarthy, in an interview with Fox News, called the letter he and other congressional committees received from the FBI "unacceptable." He vowed that "I'm going to call Director Wray today because we have oversight of the FBI. We have the right. [Rep. James] Comer is simply following information that he has found."

"We should find all the information. Isn't it quite interesting that foreign countries give millions of dollars to different LLCs that trace down to the entire Biden family, to grandchildren?" the Speaker said. "What are they doing? Why are you hiding money in that direction? And why is foreign money coming from other countries while he's in office? What are they doing?"

The dispute between the FBI and Congress concerns an FD-1023 form that a whistleblower alleges details of a corrupt business dealing between then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national. The FBI has refused to hand over the document, despite acknowledging its existence, even when commanded to by congressional subpoena. 

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