Journalist Slaps Twitter With Major Lawsuit For Banning Him

Twitter is known for its abundantly clear liberal bias. No serious person now contests the reality of Twitter’s authoritarian censorship and shadow ban policies. But given recent events — including today’s story — things could change for the better.

Even the liberal-leaning Elon Musk knows the reality of the situation. Many have accused Musk of being a crypto-conservative. But the evidence of that conclusion is wanting. Musk has chastised his fellow liberals for their illiberal disposition toward free speech, at least they do not like. Their bias poisons everything relating to the company. This was perhaps the primary motivator for Musk to make the ultimate power move – buying the company entirely!

The Hunter Biden laptop story is a historical example of said censorship. Trump could have lost the 2020 election, at least in part, due to the censorship of this monumental story. Whatever one thinks about free speech absolutism, that reality should scare everyone. A sitting President could have very well lost the election due to the unjust policies of the Leftists who run Twitter. They are functionally puppets of the Democrat war machine. And it is high time for a man like Elon Musk to change a few things around.

But the focus of today’s story is the banning of Alex Berenson — a former New York Times reporter. Berenson is a journalist who has spent time looking into the COVID-19 virus. His opinions are undoubtedly controversial. But no one seriously contends he was attempting to instigate violence. But luckily for us, things are shaping up for the journalist. He is suing Twitter for damages to his livelihood. Here is his case, as reported by Fox News:

“Our lawsuit, I think, is stronger than a lot of other lawsuits that have not survived the motion-to-dismiss stage… It also has a section of its civil code that essentially makes clear that Twitter should be defined as a common carrier for the purposes of California law. So I have protections under California law that, if enforced, would essentially force Twitter to allow me back on the platform”

He mentions serious precedent for his lawsuit — precedent which could work in his favor:

“Twitter is a large private company, and California courts have said before that shopping malls, for example, must allow people to speak even if their speech is not what the malls want — Twitter is much more powerful than a shopping mall.”

Berenson noted he is still waiting to see what Musk will do with the platform. But since Musk’s reign has not technically begun, his lawsuit still holds sway. Berenson ended his remarks with some salient words. They should hold sway for all of us:

“There’s this idea that somehow if we allow people free speech, there’ll be this complete breakdown. That’s nonsense. Twitter just needs to allow the kinds of speech online that are allowed offline and with the same limits.”

We could not agree more. Free speech should hold the day.

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