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The National Rifle Association stands for and cherishes the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is the backbone of our democracy, a check on tyrannical government power. It is no wonder that the left, so fascinated with authoritarianism, would be so opposed to an amendment completely antithetical to that system. The NRA loves freedom, and they protect it with all their might. President Joe Biden hates freedom, and so do his Democrat cronies. The man has endorsed radical liberal Beto O’Rourke as a means to get rid of our gun problem. He has said that he wants to get rid of “AR-14s” — a butchering of a very simple to understand name. The man is not with us, and we have to live with the consequences of the disastrous choice of millions of American voters. To be fair, I think perhaps the majority of these voters now reject their decision, seeing how Biden has run our country into the dirt.

Unfortunately, Biden’s pull over the Democrat Party is hard to understate. In fact, the New York Attorney General’s office operates on the same energy. That’s why earlier last year, the NY AG’s Office launched an investigation with the goal of attacking the National Rifle Association. The lawsuit claimed the NRA was illegally diverting millions of dollars. The AG maintains this diversion was worth ending the organization over — a rather strange penalty, given the nature of the organization. The organization serves as a gun’s rights advocacy group. To destroy the group altogether might be a serious breach of free speech.

Fortunately, a Manhattan judge handling the case agreed. NBC 4 New York reports the following:

“Manhattan Judge Joel M. Cohen said allegations of NRA officials misspending on personal trips, no-show contracts, and other questionable expenditures can be addressed by other remedies, such as fines and remuneration, and do not warrant the “corporate death penalty” that Attorney General Letitia James had sought.

James’ lawsuit, filed in August 2020, tells “a grim story of greed, self-dealing, and lax financial oversight” at the NRA’s highest levels, but it does not allege any financial misconduct benefited the organization or harmed the public, or that the NRA is incapable of “continuing its legitimate activities on behalf of its millions of members,” Cohen wrote in a 42-page decision.”

This is good news for freedom lovers. Biden and his cronies did not win the day. Nor will they in the end.