In Beautiful Moment, Kansas City Chief Fans Save the Day After National Anthem Singer Has Microphone Malfunction

The NFL has generated significant controversy over its position on the National Anthem. Here is a quick rundown of the infamous debate. To start things off, in 2016, former 49er’s Quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneeled for the National Anthem, dividing the nation as he did so. President Obama defended Kaepernick’s actions as legitimate. In 2017, President Trump attacked the Quarterback’s protest, contending that others who follow after him should be fined considerably. More recently, the NFL has introduced an alternative “black” National Anthem. Given that National Anthems are supposed to mark unity and not division, one can imagine the fuss such a sight must have caused.

All in all, the NFL is in the middle of an identity crisis, and the National Anthem is at the heart of this crisis. The National Anthem is an opportunity for us to put our differences aside for the sake of something bigger. We can only hope for consensus on our national tune as our nation becomes increasingly divided by politics. We need someone to unite our country, not divide it. President Biden promised to be the President for those who did not elect him. So far, he has failed on that promise, dividing Americans against one another. Indeed, his DOJ armed itself against concerned Parents for no productive reason. America deserves better,

This Sunday night, there was no controversy surrounding the National Anthem. There was only First-Class Patriotism. Here is the story:

Singer Ashanti was scheduled to perform the Anthem at Arrowhead Stadium — home of the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, however, things did not go as smoothly as expected. Ashanti’s performance was marked by significant microphone problems, as her voice was inaudible for substantial portions of her performance. One could frame this moment as an unfortunate, albeit forgettable, ordeal. The fans listening in made the moment anything but forgettable. The fans joined in the performance, belting out a beautiful rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. America was at one once more, if only for a moment. In the era of hyper-partisan politics, we can only hope for more moments of like quality. Our founding principles are at stake. A nation divided cannot stand. Here is a link to the video:


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