WATCH: Arizona Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Destroys CNN Reporter With Savage Remarks to Her FACE

CNN is not performing well, not well in the slightest. And Arizona Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake made sure to let the company know that. She did so in an unbelievably epic manner. What she said will surely have Americans talking. We hope more America First patriots will say no to the mainstream media. They are, after all, functionally a wing of the Democratic Party.

After a major corporate shakeup and the failure of CNN+, things could be changing in the company’s operations. These changes may come sooner rather than later. Many are discussing the possibility of CNN taking a more moderate viewpoint — something they prided themselves on in the past.

Now, shake-ups happen all the time in news outlets. The laws of supply and demand have a substantial effect on what news we consume.  Yet, one thing is sure — CNN as it currently stands is an unbelievable joke, unworthy of the rational man’s or woman’s attention.

We deserve better from our news outlets. We deserve news, actual news, from those who ought to provide it.

Kari Lake is a rational woman, one unimpressed by the whims of the mainstream media. She was in news for a long time after all — nearly two decades. One of the reasons she knew she had to run was due to a perceived failure of the media to cover the election fairly.

As such, Lake knows the problems present at CNN. America First Conservatives have been pointing out these problems for some time. But finally, they are taking decisive action against this incompetent monument to the old news media that is CNN.

After a CNN reporter asked to interview Lake, Lake joked about the fact she was no longer wearing a mask. Then Lake agreed to do an interview on one savage condition:

“Um, I’ll do an interview, as long as it airs on CNN Plus. Does that still exist? No? Didn’t think so, because the people don’t like what you are pedaling, which is propaganda. Thank you!”

Boom! She absolutely destroyed that reporter. MAGA Patriots are following after the MAGA King in responding to these lamestream media reporters. And we love to see it!

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