Pro-Trump Candidate Kari Lake TORCHES Biased Media Reporter with Epic Comeback

Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is no stranger to confrontation with the mainstream media. After all, she’s a prominent supporter of President Trump and an America First candidate in Arizona. 

Earlier this week, while conversing with the press, Lake was asked, “If Trump were to tap you to be VP, is that something you would consider?” To which Lake quickly responded, “No, first of all, I don’t like Washington D.C. I especially don’t like it now.”  

After assuring Arizona voters she wasn’t interested in the job of Vice President, Lake continued her statement by saying, “It’s funny though that that question is asked because for so long, many of you in the media have been trying to act like I don’t have the skill to run for governor, and now apparently I’m so skilled that you think I should be VP. So umm, I take it as a compliment. Thank you for asking.” 


Another reporter followed up on the original question by asking, “have you talked to Donald Trump about it?” Lake responded to the reporter, saying, “I talk to President Trump all the time, and I have not talked to him about that, no.” 

“I am applying for the job of Arizona governor, and I’m reaching out to the people every single day. “Where is Katie Hobbs right now? She should be standing right here, right here, answering your questions. How often does she talk to you?” 

“If your MSNBC maybe all the time, but if you want to ask her a pressing question, she cowers, and she’s a coward. I’m applying for a job, and the people of Arizona are the hiring manager, and they are my boss, and I’m going to be here, much to the chagrin of some of you, not just four years as your governor, I’m going to be here eight years as your governor.”

“So have fun and get used to it,” she stated confidently. “We are going places, and we are going to have the greatest state in the country. Thank you very much.”

The comment about Hobbs being a “coward” comes just days after Hobbs reportedly refused to debate Lake on the issues plaguing Arizona, according to DC Enquirer.

“I made it unbelievably easy for her. She picks the date, the time, the moderator. She even had the chance to write all of the questions,” Lake explained in a video. “But she would rather hide from the voters and let Soros and other dark money groups pour millions of dollars in attack ads against me.” 

Kari Lake will face Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in the November mid-term elections, where Arizonans will decide the fate of the state. However, by the sound of it, Kari Lake is making it crystal clear that she will be an America First fighter if elected in November.

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