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President Joe Biden is in a real rut at the moment. His Presidency is completely in the tubes — and there are no signs of any changes happening soon. And to try to salvage what is left of his support (which still exists somehow), he made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

That’s the subject of today’s article — how Kayleigh McEnany reacted to Biden’s attendance on the show.  Her reaction was profound — featuring all the depth you’d expect from one of the best Press Secretaries in American history.

Biden’s appearance on the show was full of many cringe-worthy moments, but that was only to be expected. Joe Biden is not with us.  More importantly, the Jimmy Kimmel show is not a serious platform to discuss the major issues facing Americans. It is a late-night comedy show. But humor has historically been a great way to bring Americans together. Comedy is a fantastic platform for us to laugh at ourselves in good fun. But really, there is no mutuality in today’s late-night routines.

The Left never laughs at itself. They think every problem facing the country is due to the “evil” Republicans. And as such, they have ceased to be a uniter for our increasingly divided nation. One might say they are the comedy wing of the Democrat Party today.

Kayleigh McEnany knows the reality of media bias better than most. As Trump’s White House Press Secretary, she faced more vitriol from the Leftist Media than any person who had previously held her position. But she never backed down. And that courage showed itself once more yesterday, when McEnany held Biden’s and Kimmel’s feet to the fire for their atrocious showing on national television:

“He’s trying this effort to be likable… but it didn’t work… He derided Republicans over and over again — the ultra-right, the Maga Crowd… they have become so extreme… Then he blamed the media … It was a blame game and a far-left powwow with his friend Jimmy Kimmel” 

This builds on statements she made on Fox News’ “Outnumbered”:

“Where is the media? And since the media won’t ask the question, I will: Where are you, President Biden? Where are you Vice President Kamala Harris? Because I can tell you this, any time there was any form of violence or hatred or bigotry, I, as the press secretary, would be asked immediately by the media what the president’s stance on it was…

We’ve gotten the statement from the press secretary. We’ve gotten the statement from the deputy. What about the leader of the free world? And he had ample opportunity. He walked out on the South Lawn. The press is right there… 

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 You could have said, “Hey, guys, on the record really quick, I condemn the violence.” Then he had Jimmy Kimmel. Then you have the vice president giving a speech. That was five opportunities. We get silence from Joe and Kamala.”

Boom! The inconsistency is clear. The mainstream media no longer operates as an unbiased force for good. Trump was, once again, exactly right.