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Ketanji Brown Jackson, Joe Biden’s nominee to replace retiring justice Stephen Breyer, has a history with the far left. 

Jackson, a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, graduated from Harvard University with both an AB and a JD. She also served as an editor for the Harvard Law Review. Since then, she has had an extensive legal career. 

However, Jackson also has an extensive history with the far left. At Harvard, Jackson was a member of the Black Student Association her senior year when the Harvard BSA invited controversial speaker Leonard Jeffries.

Jeffries, then a City University of New York professor, drew controversy for his past antisemitic remarks. The BSA speaking engagement brought about extensive protests from the University’s Jewish advocacy group (Hillel), Gay-Straight Alliance, and College Democrats. 

Jeffries denied claims that he was an antisemite by stating that Black people “valued peace and equality more than the ‘people of ice.’” Jeffries used the term “people of ice” to refer to White people. 

In other speeches, Jeffries blamed Jewish people for being principally responsible for the transatlantic slave trade, taught that “Blacks are racially superior to Whites,” and compared Jews to skunks.

The Anti-Defamation League dubbed Jeffries as “antisemitic.” 

To note, there is no record of Jackson attending the event. 

However, Jackson also has a history with the far-left group Demand Justice. Some of Demand Justice’s priorities are to add four new seats to the Supreme Court, create term limits for SCOTUS Justices, create a binding code of ethics for SCOTUS Justices, and add judges to the lower courts.

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Heritage Action’s Executive Director Jessica Anderson stated in a press release that “conservatives must oppose activist judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.” In the same press release, Anderson charges Jackson with “being a hand-picked selection from far-left groups like Demand Justice, who fully expect her to rule according to their progressive judicial philosophy rather than uphold the Constitution.” Andersons states that Jackson has “assembled a judicial record that prioritizes the abortion industry and illegal immigrant interest groups.”

Biden praises Jackson as a “proven consensus builder, an accomplished lawyer, and a distinguished jurist.”

Demand Justice also commended Jackson for receiving substantial bipartisan support and that she has been unanimously confirmed two times by the US Senate. If confirmed, Jackson will become the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court.