Christian Actor Kevin Sorbo Teams Up With BraveBooks 'To Teach Our Kids What Biblical Masculinity Looks Like'

Kevin Sorbo, actor, director, producer, and author, announced Tuesday that he has partnered with BRAVE Books to write and release a new book for kids that fills a critical void in our society left by establishment children's media: masculinity.

Major production houses have cast aside positive, healthy masculinity for over a decade in favor of what writer, YouTuber, and producer Will Jordan (aka Critical Drinker) refers to as 'the MESSAGE,' a foul brew of fourth-wave hyper-feminism combined with lethal doses of identitarian racial politics, cancel culture, anti-religiosity, and radical leftism.

According to a press release sent to DC Enquirer from BRAVE Books,

"Sorbo’s newest adventure comes at a time when our boys are struggling to find and embrace healthy masculinity. As the face of masculinity in the 90’s, Sorbo has agonized watching Hollywood emasculate once heroic and manly characters. Films like Barbie and the new live action Snow White, which have strong female leads, emasculate the male co-lead, but even main characters like Indiana Jones and Mad Max have been softened and pushed aside by women.

Children now witness movies, TV shows, books, and even their own parents promoting a narrative that chivalry is dead, feminism is in, and God is canceled."

Sorbo, known to millions as the titular Hercules in the 90s TV phenomenon Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and later Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda which both featured him as a leading powerful masculine figure, pivoted to projects more driven by his faith and working both in front of and behind the camera.

He's become perhaps even more well known in the last decade for his Christian-film successes such as the God's Not Dead series alongside Dean Caine, Melissa Joan Hart, Antonio Sabàto Jr., and Jeanine Pirro. 

Sorbo posted a video of his interview with Jack Posobiec, a fellow BRAVE Books author, to X with the caption. "We need to raise strong men that stand for truth! My book, Test of Lionhood teaches kids about the importance of masculinity and what Biblical manhood looks like."

Taking the role of a storyteller, Sorbo in The Test of Lionhood tells the story of Lucas, a young lion cub embarking on a quest that will challenge both his courage and his strength in order to save his sister's life.

As explained in the release, "Through Lucas’ trials and triumphs, the book beautifully illustrates the importance of embracing one's unique qualities, promoting self-confidence, and inspiring boys to stand tall, be brave, and never back down, no matter the challenges they face."

Reached for comment about the new book, Sorbo told DC Enquirer

"Walt Disney told us back in the ’50s that movies and TV shows would certainly influence our youth. What have they done with that power? For the past 10 to 15 years, we have seen what's going on in mainstream media, in movies, and TV, and the messages they keep putting out. The attack on masculinity today is a call for us to stay vigilant right now."

He stressed that parents need to provide the guidance that the rest of our culture no longer will.

"We need to teach our boys what true masculinity is. Our culture wants to see young boys grow up to be confused men who don’t stand up for truth because that is a population of men that is easiest to control. We need to raise boys up in truth so they are ready to lead with bravery, kindness, sacrifice, and love for their families and for their country. This is why I partnered with BRAVE Books to write The Test of Lionhood, a book that teaches kids about what Biblical masculinity is! The book is so fun and exciting, and there are even games and activities in the back of the book for the whole family to do together. You can get a copy at BRAVEBOOKS.COM!"

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Disclosure: Dinesh D'Souza, a stakeholder of DC Enquirer co-authored Freedom Day the Asher Way with his wife Debbie, published by BRAVE Books.
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