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Leftists everywhere are fuming. Their reign over the Twitter sphere could be over — they will not win the day. At least not if Elon Musk buys Twitter, in the ultimate show of support for free speech proponents everywhere. We need a man like Elon to champion the movement. Even if he is not a conservative in the classical sense, his patronage of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience is noble. We are fully on board with this move, and we hope more people will act similarly to protect our cherished institutions.

Here are a few choice Leftist outrage tweets that will make your day:

New York Professor Jeff Jarvis equated Elon Musk with the Nazi regime:

Defiant L’s posted one of the better self-owns in recent memory:

That was NOT GOOD for that leftist. And there are more bad takes:

Democracies are contingent, not upon free speech, but per Max Boot, content moderation. We truly are living in a warped reality, where up is down and black is white.

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Occupy Democrats offered a few predictably bad tweet:

And @CheckmarkLs gave us a few more examples of liberals losing it at the news:

Including this grand one from a politician who is apparently unopen to debating her opinion:

And while this is not a Leftist tweet, it does encapsulate the inconsistency of the Left’s rhetoric surrounding Twitter. They wanted us to build our own platform — while denying us servers and advertisers. But when Elon makes an offer to Twitter, they lose it: