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Earlier this year, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) put local school board races on the map by endorsing local conservative candidates, a move rarely made by governors. DeSantis, who has been very vocal on issues pertaining to children, wasted no time in helping strong conservatives get involved at the local level. 

In previous years, school board races were given little attention in the political circle and, by most metrics, were considered to be “bi-partisan” races.  But in recent years, these races have become overtly political. 

With the battle between conservatives and leftists hitting an all-time high, especially as it pertains to LGBTQ issues and critical race theory, the schools have become the main battleground between the two opposing viewpoints. 

DeSantis has weighed in on the issues on multiple occasions; earlier this year, he signed into law the “Parental Rights in Education bill,” dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by leftists, even though those words are nowhere to be found in the actual bill. Regardless, it didn’t stop the Democrats from running away with the rhetoric. 

Gov. DeSantis endorsed 30 individual candidates in school board races throughout the state, and over 80 percent of them either won their primaries or will be heading to run-off elections later this year, according to Axios. 

Those seeking DeSantis’ endorsement had to meet strict criteria and adhere to conservative values. Friends of Ron DeSantis, a PAC set up to help get conservatives elected to school boards in Florida, listed the necessary stances for endorsement. 


To no surprise, those seeking the endorsement had to be against all forms of school lockdowns in order to ensure schools say open. They also had to be in favor of proper civics education and against critical race theory and all forms of woke ideology.  

In a tweet back in June, DeSantis argued, “We need strong local school board members who are committed to advancing our agenda to put students first and protect parents’ rights. I am proud to endorse 10 local school board candidates who will set our children up for success.” Amazingly enough, the list grew from 10 candidates to 30 before the elections. 

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While these wins in themselves are something to celebrate, it really points to the popularity of Gov. DeSantis’s policies state-wide. As DeSantis heads into a battle for re-election against Congressman Charlie Crist (D-FL), these local wins are evidence of a bright future for DeSantis in the state of Florida.

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