Liberals In Shock After Leaked SCOTUS Document Shows Roe Will Likely Be Overturned

The liberals are running scared after a recent draft of SCOTUS’s decision on abortion leaked to the public. The Pseudo-rights afforded by Roe v. Wade are something of a secular Sacrament for the left. And they defend it with the strength and constonancy a believer might employ when defending the sanctiy of the Blessed Eucharist.

The left cannot live without Roe and the unbridled freedom (indeed, licentiousness) that comes with it.  The Left lacks the foresight to see the great good that will come out of this monumental decision. The moral health of our country and the founders appreciation for the right to life (as that right upon which all other rights hinge) has been preserved, if only for a time.

We would truly be hypocritical if we enshrined an arbitrary right to abortion into the legal system. But the Left not care. Indeed, the countless lives that will be saved is enough for the Right to win the day. But it’s also about creating a culture that values life over death — something we are sorely absent of at the moment.

As you might expect, the Left took to Twitter. And boy, their takes were as bad as ever!

Here are a few choice comments:

How ironic is that! The GOP, which is adamantly against the killing of babies in the womb, stands for the continued existence of the next generation. It is the Left who do not believe in their right to life.

Here is another terrible tweet:

The Left will never explain how Thomas was complicit in insurrection. But their unjust charges will never cease. We hope one day the Left will see the Justice for the champion of freedom and truth he really is.

Ben Shapiro responded to a fiery Leftist tweet that went off the reservation almost immediately:

Libs to Tik Tok posted a few of the best reactions from libs to the news:

And lastly, here we got to see some real nastiness from a person who should know better:

All in all, we hope the pro-life fight continues. This is a major victory, but there are still struggles for the moral health of our country yet to be fought. But we can rest assured that justice is being done for the sake of the unborn.

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