MSNBC Viewers Think Left Is ‘Losing’ More Than Its ‘Winning’ In New Network Poll

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll taken earlier this month found that 63 percent of MSNBC viewers, who have been historically liberal voters, feel their side has been losing more than winning — with only 21 percent saying the opposite.

The poll, which covered a span of July 8-11 and surveyed 1,672 adults, asked respondents —  “Thinking about the way things have been going in politics over the last few years on issues that matter to you, would you say your side has been losing more often than winning, winning more often than losing, or not sure?”

While MSNBC viewers were the most pessimistic, 45 percent of CNN viewers said they were “losing more than winning” as well, with 48 percent of Fox News viewers having a similarly negative view.

The most optimistic television watchers were from CNN with 29 percent of respondents saying they were winning more than losing — whereas Fox News had 27 percent.

When broken down by party, the poll found that 55 percent of Democrats thought they were “losing more than winning” while 50 percent of the GOP said the same.


Amongst independents, 45 percent said they were losing — and 23 percent said they were winning.

This comes as the Biden administration is dealing with multiple crises on a near daily basis. From every front from the Southern Border crisis to record-breaking inflation and Supreme Court setbacks.

The virtual overturning of Roe v. Wade in the 6-3 Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization decision, was just one of many key issues Biden has seemingly lost on during his first term.

The Commander-in-Chief is still unable to recover from his low polling numbers, with a recent CNBC poll showing only 36 percent of Americans approve of the president’s performance as the Midterm elections approach.

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