New Trafalger Group Poll Shows Huge Number of Likely Voters, Including 2/3rds of Dems, Want Biden to Focus on Domestic Energy Production

Voters want change. What our President is doing is not working, and we deserve better. President Joe Biden was elected to bring the nation together. He was not elected to divide our already divided nation further. Unfortunately for America, he has walked away from policies that worked, policies promoted under the Trump administration.

He has walked back Trump’s America First vision in favor of an America Worst wasteland. He has stopped construction on Trump’s beautiful border wall in favor of increased infrastructure spending. He destroyed Americans’ reputation oversees with disastrous pullouts. He has raised inflation and neglected the middle class.

Biden’s policy decisions are not just ivory-tower abstract ideas. They affect the livelihoods of everyday hard-working Americans. When Biden effectively shut down US Energy production, America was worse off. Of course, Biden banked on leaning more heavily on overseas suppliers. But America cannot rely on shady states like Russia and Saudi Arabia. We need to increase energy production here. That’s what America First policies are all about. But Globalists like Biden do not care about America. He cares about people in America, but only those who voted for him. While Trump governed for all Americans, Biden governs for himself and those he approves of.

A recent Trafalgar poll demonstrates that Americans, no matter their political persuasion, want Biden to ramp up energy production in the US. The poll finds the following:

Biden’s own base is turning on him — over two-thirds of Democrats want change!  Seventy-eight percent of independents disagree with Biden’s current policy! And this last group likely got Biden elected. We already knew Republicans are America First, so that 89 percent number is no surprise.

The poll shows what we all knew for some time — Biden is not fit to lead in a moment of crisis. Americans are counting on Biden to act. They need gas to go to work, to take their kids to school. The price of gas is a bread and butter issue. And to think, if Biden were prudent, he could have used American energy production as a toll to support the countries in NATO, helping to promote our economy. But that much is secondary for Biden. We hope things change — and soon.

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