South Carolina Republican Rep Makes Absolutely Absurd Statement About Liz Cheney Being Speaker of the House

As we reported earlier this week, Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney is a RINO of the highest order. Her political acumen is non-existent — apart from being the daughter of a very famed former Vice President. She has betrayed Trump and his America First agenda every step of the way — at least after 2021. Indeed, she seems to care more about appeasing the court of public opinion than solving the crucial issues afflicting our country. And these issues, primarily created under the Biden regime, are legion.

In 2022, we need Republicans who are willing to stand up to Biden and his cronies. These are not people who need appeasing. A robust America First agenda is the way forward — and even Joe Biden knows that, and it scares him. Biden has done too much damage to our country for RINOs like Liz Cheney to expend all their energy on the former President. Unfortunately, South Carolina Republican Representative Tom Rice has not received that memo — praising Liz Cheney and expressing glee at a truly terrifying prospect.

Tom Rice rather famously voted yes on the sham and unpatriotic Trump impeachment charges. He also supported the January 6 Commission — a partisan hack job intended to hurt President Trump and his agenda. Previous to that, he had been a Trump ally. Of course, neither action was justified by the evidence, and we are saddened that Republicans will so often fold to Democrat aggression. He justifiably received a censure from the South Carolina Republican Party.

With Republicans expected to generate a red wave in November, there is wide speculation as to who will be the next speaker of the House. Trump’s name has even been floated more than a little. But one person who has no business being Speaker is Liz Cheney. That’s why when Tom Rice floated her name in the mix, we had to do a double-take. He did so on ABC’s ‘This Week’. In an interview where he called Trump a ‘narcissist’, he was also asked if Liz Cheney would be a good House Speaker, to which he replied:

“I think she’d be a great speaker… I think she’s a real Republican. I think she is very conservative. And I think she’s a fearless leader.”

There are few sentences in our language more false than that one. That much is clear. America First is the way forward — not appeasement of known RINOs. The future of the Republican Party is Trump — not Cheney.

Here is the full video:

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