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You heard it right: President Trump is back! The Dems are reeling as truth once more has its place at the table. Trump’s new social media, Truth Social, will launch next week. And we are waiting in eager anticipation. Who knows how far Truth Social will go with Trump at the helm?

The story of Truth Social begins in 2021. After heroically leading America through an unprecedented pandemic, the ungrateful social media apparatus unjustly banned the sitting President from patriotically making his feelings known. He had never encouraged violence. But he did promote a love of country. And in 2021, that was enough to get the infamous ban hammer. In the flash of an eye, the most powerful man in the world had his global reach taken from him. All because he dared to challenge the establishment.

So much for the freedom of speech! After all, you only get those protections when you are a liberal whose goal is to turn America into a wasteland. But Trump had different plans. He wanted to Make America Great Again. And they loathed him for it. AsĀ Trump says:

“They hate me. They hate you… and it’s all because they hate the idea of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

These social media companies are not platforms for the free exchange of ideas. Instead, they are peddlers and publishers of false liberal narratives. They restrict our First Amendment rights and use fake news fact-checkers to stop good-faith inquiry. Congress has to reform Section 230 to put a stop to this travesty! Perhaps in 2022, something will finally get done.

But there is another path forward, a way only a true trailblazer would have in mind. Donald Trump created his very own free speech platform, being the brilliant entrepreneur that he is! Truth Social is set to launch on February 21, 2022. And boy, are we excited. Trump will once more tear into the Biden presidency a way only he knows how. He will fight for the truth with his trademark wit and humor. And he will Make America Great Again — Again!

We got a sneak peek of how the new Donald Trump might look earlier this week when his son, Donald Trump Jr., posted screenshots of the President’s first tweet! The rigor of Trump’s personality shines through the message, and we can only hope this means big things in 2022 and 2024. Reports of the MAGA Movements’ demise were greatly exaggerated. Trump’s America First vision is here to stay.

Here is the Tweet:

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