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Hollywood Star Mark Wahlberg has taken a major turn towards religion in recent years. As we reported in April, his blockbuster film ‘Father Stu’ was a faith-based feel-good story about the power of forgiveness:

This movie has a very clear message that we are not going to give up on people,” he said. “We are not going to turn our backs on people because of mistakes that they’ve made. We are going to tell people and encourage people that nobody is beyond redemption and that we support you, we love you, we accept you for who you are.”

And the sentiments Wahlberg expressed there were anti-cancel culture. The Left has no room for forgiveness. The Gospel is all about forgiveness — it is the message of God’s free acceptance of sinners through the life, death, and resurrection of His Only Begotten Son. Conservatives would do well to accept that message.

Wahlberg has also been vocal about his Catholic faith on Instagram, stating in a video message we reported on in April:

“I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people who have been praying every day and finding peace. And especially sending wonderful messages about doing the Rosary with me on the Hallow app.”

“Let’s do the Rosary together and stay prayed up. You got to stay prayed up. God bless you,” he added.

And as we shall see today, that messaging is only increasing on Wahlberg’s page. He said the following about his son’s confirmation on the 29th of May:

“Just got down on my hands and my knees to express my gratitude… Congratulations to my Son Michael for making his confirmation, all the young people out there who were confirmed and taking their relationship with the Lord into their adulthood, what a commitment you guys have made, congratulations to all of you!”

He expressed gratitude to God. That much is better than most celebrities we see today. We hope more celebrities will follow suit, turning from woke cancel culture and towards the light and forgiveness provided in the Gospel of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

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