'Incredible America First Energy': Matt Gaetz, Cory Mills Hold Packed Campaign Rally For America First Candidate Brandon Gill

On Thursday, America First candidate Brandon Gill was joined by Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Cory Mills (R-FL) in Little Elm, Texas for a packed rally in support of the Trump-endorsed candidate running in Texas' 26th congressional district. 

During the rally, which saw well over a hundred attendees and lasted about two hours beginning at 10:30 AM, Mills, Gaetz, and Gill all gave speeches before taking photos with patrons. During Mills' speech, he emphasized his recent trips to Afghanistan and Israel to save stranded Americans and the need to elect America First Republicans like Gill. "If you think the Republican Party is in the majority, you are absolutely wrong. We need to stop thinking about the idea that just because you have a letter by your name that somehow you are a constitutional conservative," Mills explained.

Gaetz, who came to the stage with much fanfare, explained that Washington, D.C. needs conservative fighters like Gill in Congress. "It's easy to see why President Trump is standing with Brandon Gill. Brandon is a terrific husband, father, and conservative fighter. We've got too many of them up there in Washington that just want to stare at their nameplate, get a bigger staff, have them laugh at their jokes, and tell them they are losing weight, but I know that Brandon Gill has lived a life of advocacy on the front lines of the conservative movement."

Following Gaetz's speech to supporters, Gill thanked his fellow Texans for coming out to the rally and laid out his priorities to take back Washington. "Let me tell you guys one thing right off the bat: the people of Texas-26 need a fighter in Washington. You need a warrior. You need somebody who's going to stand up to the left and stand up to the uni party. That's exactly what I'm going to do whenever I get to Washington," Gill said, adding that there is nothing more important than getting President Trump back in the White House in November.

The Texas congressional candidate's momentum took root when President Trump endorsed Gill after the young family man announced his bid to replace retiring Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX). Upon his announcement, Gill also earned the endorsement of other prominent conservatives like Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX), Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), and the Dallas Young Republicans.

"It is my great honor to ENDORSE Brandon Gill for U.S. Congress in Texas-26. He is the clear 'America First' candidate and is as loyal and tough as they come. He's a Cowboy, Businessman, Husband, and Father, but also, a True Patriot," Trump wrote on Truth Social. "Brandon is Strong on SECURING OUR BORDER, STOPPING CRIME, FIGHTING INFLATION, & PROTECTING OUR SECOND AMENDMENT. He also comes with the love and respect of his father-in-law, a true warrior, Dinesh D'Souza. Brandon will not let you down. Onward to VICTORY!"

Congressman Nehls, a fellow Texan, endorsed Gill on the day of his announcement. "Brandon Gill is a friend & a man I trust to be a bold, fearless fighter & champion of conservative values," Nehls said. "I trust Brandon will fight to secure the border. I trust Brandon will put America First & help continue the MAGA movement in North Texas. I proudly endorse Brandon & urge all voters in the district to support him."

Senator Cruz also joined Nehls in endorsing the America First Republican, writing, “Brandon Gill has all the best characteristics of a Texan: Dedicated, hardworking, and resilient. With a deep understanding of what it means to take on the left and the corrupt mainstream media, Brandon has set himself apart from other candidates and is the best qualified to fight the radical left and their disastrous agenda in Congress. I am proud to endorse him for TX-26 and look forward to seeing him win his race."

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) also came out to support Gill, explaining in a statement, "Brandon Gill represents one of the best America First candidates for Congress. America and North Texas need a fighter like Gill to slash Washington spending, secure the Southern Border, and protect conservative values from Washington elites. In Congress, Brandon Gill will live by the principle of doing what you said you would do."

After announcing his run for Congress in November, Gill has seen considerable success in recent months. The Brandon Gill for Texas congressional campaign committee raised nearly $500,000 in the first 42 days following his announcement, while the Right Texas PAC raised another $1 million to support Gill's candidacy.

Gill joins a host of other candidates vying for the nomination, including Tony Gonzalez's former Chief of Staff, Luisa del Rosal, Southlake Mayor John Huffman, Scott Armey, and several others. 

"Today I filed to run for US Congress from Texas' 26th Congressional District, to fill the seat currently held by [Michael Burgess] after he retires," Gill wrote on X/Twitter when he first announced on November 20. "We desperately need conservative warriors in Washington who represent real America, not the Swamp. I look forward to representing the great people of North Texas."

"Congressional Democrats and the Biden Administration have failed us. Our homeland is being invaded. Our borders are a free-for-all. Crime is soaring, and our economy is a wrecking ball aimed at the middle class. We're in dire need of a trailblazer, someone unafraid to take on the power players and entrenched interests, a fighter who embodies our values," Gill said in a press release. "Washington, take note: you're done pushing Texans around. Starting now, you're going to listen to us. I've been on the front lines in conservative media, and now I'm ready to take the battle straight to the Swamp. We need to finish the wall, secure the Southern border, balance our budget, unleash our energy industry, restore law and order, and kick weak Republicans who rubber stamp progressives' agenda out of Congress."

Gill, who resides in Flower Mound, Texas, is a native-born Texan who attended Dartmouth University and worked on Wall Street for several years before founding the DC Enquirer and returning to the Lone Star State. He has additionally collaborated on the new film 'Police State' directed by Dinesh D'Souza. Gill is married to conservative influencer Danielle D'Souza Gill and has a newborn daughter.

Watch Gill's recent campaign ad below:

You can learn more about Brandon Gill here and donate to his campaign here.

You can follow Sterling on X/Twitter here.

Notice: Brandon Gill is the Editor Emeritus of DC Enquirer. He is a candidate for US Congress from Texas' 26th Congressional District, and he has no editorial influence over DC Enquirer.

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