Colorado Rep Compares Open-Borders DHS Sec To Benedict Arnold To His Face in Savage Hearing

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas may honestly believe he has handled the border crisis effectively. But that lapse of judgment is just further evidence of the incoherence of the Biden Administration. It also demonstrates Democrats are not trustworthy agents on behalf of America and her Democracy. We need to put strong America First conservatives back in office — both in 2022 and beyond. Our country may depend on it.

Borders are essential to the health, and indeed, the reality, of functioning nations. Biden and his cronies are simply out of touch with reality. We have known this for some time. But with our border at stake, it is high time we fix our problems. And with people like Kamala Harris and DHS Secretary Mayorkas, that may be rather difficult to manage.

As with any of Biden’s pals, there are always GOP congressmen looking to hold them accountable.

Hopefully, the hard work the Republicans have put in exposing Biden and his pals will help to generate serious growth headed into the midterms.

Colorado Republican Congressman Ken Buck is an America First Conservative who has always made sure to press the Biden Administration. Basically, he contends Biden is unfit for office and Republicans should do anything possible to limit his power. This means pressing his appointees. And he sure did press Mayorkas in a hearing yesterday. The Congressman said the following:

“You stopped the building of the wall, that deterred illegal immigrants from going to this country… You are trying to revoke Title 42… My constituents want you impeached because they think you committed treason. 

They believe you are a traitor. They compare you to Benedict Arnold! You know, no parent with the last name Arnold names their kid ‘Benedict’. They wonder what the Mayorkas family will do down the road… 

My question to you is… are you ashamed of what you have done to this country?”

These are harsh words. We cannot downplay their force. But they have a ring of truth. He has effectively surrendered our border to illegal immigration. Our border is in crisis and our border towns are being ransacked. It is time for Americans to make their voices heard on this most crucial question.

Here is the full video:

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