Mayra Flores Flips Rio Grande Valley Red in Special Election

Mexican immigrant and America First Patriot Mayra Flores flipped District 34 in Cameron County red, taking the county from one of the Democrats’ most targeted demographics. District 34 previously voted for Biden in the 2020 elections and is a massive 85% Hispanic.

TX-34 favored Biden over Trump by 7% and Flores won the district Tuesday night by 7%. This is just the latest in Texas’s southern border continuing a redshift – a change that has rattled Democrat strategists to their core and left them floundering with their failed pandering.

The Mexican-born congresswoman should make the Left proud that an immigrant woman won a seat in Congress, but they likely won’t because she’s a real woman and a conservative. This is no surprise given that diversity is only celebrated when they fall in line with the leftist agenda.

Alongside making history as the first Mexican-born person in Congress, Flores also made a sort of history by scoring a vote from Elon Musk.

According to Musk, his vote for Flores was his first-time voting Republican. Musk went on to predict a massive red wave in 2022 in the midterm elections as a result of the Democrats’ repeated failures.

According to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Flores was able to edge out her Democrat opponent by focusing on issues that actually matter to the community in TX-34. Among those issues is border security, reducing crime, and battling rising prices. Flores is a mother of four, is married to a border patrol agent, and is a health care worker.

With her credentials and life story, Flores represents a very strong candidate for residents of TX-34 to resonate with. Flores’s border security position also resonated well with voters. According to a poll conducted by NRCC, 34% of voters stated that immigration/border control was the most important issue to them. Seventeen percent said that jobs/economy/taxes/inflation was the most important issue.

Given the shifting of the southern border to red, the November midterms continue to look like an impending disaster for the Democrats. Despite all the effort by the left to flip Texas blue, it appears the second largest state in the Union is opposed to the notion of a blue state. If the trend continues, then Texas will remain solidly red for the 2022 midterms and the 2024 Presidential elections.

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