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A man who reportedly shot a McDonald’s employee in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Monday has been charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Michael Morgan, 20, was taken into custody by local police following an altercation with an employee over cold French fries that led to Morgan shooting the 23-year-old victim in the neck, according to the New York Police Department.

Initially, Lisa Fulmore — Morgan’s mother — got into an argument with the male victim at the McDonald’s on Fulton St., in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section over her fries. The mother was facetiming Morgan, who subsequently barged into the restaurant to fight the employee.

“The mom complained that her fries were cold. The mom was on FaceTime with her son, and he heard the dispute between her and the clerk. The son and the clerk got into a dispute inside, and it went outside,” a police source told the New York Post.

Following this, Morgan pulled out a gun and shot the employee through the neck leaving him in critical condition at the Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center.



In addition to Morgan’s charges, Camellia Dunlap — Morgan’s girlfriend — was also hit with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, although her role in the shooting has yet to be fully established.

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Morgan had previously been arrested several times, including for grand larceny in 2019 and assault and theft of service in 2018. He also has numerous sealed arrest cases adding up to a laundry list of criminal behavior going back years.

This brazen act is made possible by lawless politicians who are soft on crime, thereby allowing the criminal element to thrive and continue to grow — virtually unpunished.

Rather than defunding the police, New Yorkers should be pushing to fund more of them to protect and defend their streets.

Instead of limiting the officers and letting criminals off easy, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) should stick to his campaign promises and get crime under control in the Big Apple, before he too, faces a red wave of voter anger so strong — even he can’t overcome it.

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