Recent Conservative Harvard Graduate Refuses To Sit Through Biden AG Merrick Garland’s Commencement Address

In a stunning display of intellectual courage and principled dissent, a recent Harvard graduate, Emma Heussner, made headlines a year ago by refusing to bend to the ideological pressure imposed by Merrick Garland, Biden’s Attorney General of the United States. She still stands by that decision.

At the time, Heussner served as media director for the conservative news site The Daily Caller.  She knew she had to act when she saw Merrick Garland deliver her college commencement address. Despite working hard to earn a Masters’s Degree from Harvard in Psychology – and the stage walk that comes with it – Heussner could not take the bloviating of radical liberal Biden Attorney General Garland.

Upon hearing the address, Heussner said, “Garland seemed to be saying, ‘This country sucks and you guys can fix it’. As previously reported by Fox News Digital, that “didn’t sit right” with her.


“[J]ust walked out of harvard’s graduation because I didn’t want to listen to merrick garland talk about himself for 30 minutes,” Heusner tweeted.

Addressing criticism of this move, Heussner replied by saying, “I walked out of my own graduation and somehow you people found a way to get mad about it lmfao touch grass”

While Heussner walked out of this address nearly a year ago, she recently assured Fox News Digital that she would “absolutely” do it again.

“I would do it again,” Heussner said. “Conservatives are coined as the ‘silent majority’ and look where that’s gotten us,” she said. “Students and their parents are now fighting for regular, not sexualized, curriculum in K-12.”

“As long as conservatives are silent, we are compliant with how far we let the left push their agenda,” Heussner added. She also said that,  “Universities [should] be places that teach students how to think and challenge our beliefs. They should encourage students to debate and learn from other perspectives.”

Heussner ended by arguing that, “standing up for myself and my beliefs by walking out on Merrick Garland’s speech was a way for me to honor the time, money and energy spent earning my degree — while also honoring those who actually supported me throughout school.”

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