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Attorney General Merrick Garland is not known for his integrity. Labeled as a political moderate, he has been anything but moderate in his decision-making. And to think, he could have very well filled the seat of one Justice Scalia — a justice committed to the truth. Republicans were not being unreasonable when they held up Garland’s confirmation process during the Obama era.

Simply put, Garland was not fit for the job.  He did not have the pedigree and character of Trump’s three appointees. But the Democrats have never ceased to amaze us with their championship of bad figures and dubious causes. That’s why we need America First politicians to be back in office — so that we never have to suffer a Merrick Garland-type nomination ever again.

Last year, Garland was in major trouble for his efforts to target certain concerned parents at school board meetings. He effectively used the DOJ to attack concerned parents everywhere. People who criticize Garland are not being unreasonable.

The man is not a friend of the people, nor does he operate in a disinterested and objective manner. His loyalties are to Biden, as they were previously to Barrack Obama. The American people deserve better, and if we vote our minds in November, we will be well on our way to getting better. That could be the case for the foreseeable future — if we keep our foot on the gas.

But luckily for us, there is powerful evidence that people are changing their minds. Even young people are tired of the Biden Admin’s trickery. As the Daily Caller reports, a Harvard student and Daily Caller Social Media Director Emma Heussner walked out on Merrick Garland in a VIRAL Twitter video:

She issued the following statement to the Daily Caller:

“The amount of support in the replies has been very warm and I was shocked by how many people congratulated me and were proud of my decision … It’s also been funny to watch Leftists lose their minds and hurl insults at me for walking out. It’s entertaining to see how easily upset some people are by the actions of others.”

BOOM! According to Breitbart, Garland brought up January 6 no less than THREE times! That is absurd, and it just shows us where the Democrat Party is — stuck in the past.

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