MICHAEL WHATLEY: The RNC Is Fighting For Election Integrity. Join Us.

Of the many issues that voters will debate ahead of November 5, we can all agree on one thing: Americans deserve fair elections and voters should be able to cast their ballots with confidence.

Unfortunately, despite prominent Democrats’ own denials of election results, the Democrat Party has ridiculed concerns about election integrity while simultaneously lobbing attacks on free and fair elections in states across the country. Republicans are working overtime to stop them.

As chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), one of my primary goals is building a robust election integrity operation that will help protect the sanctity of every vote. To do that, we will work before voting begins to support laws and regulations that will ensure our elections are fair, accurate, secure and transparent.

In 2020, Democrats exploited the COVID pandemic to change the rules of the game at the last minute right up until Election Day to remove or weaken important election safeguards across the country. In 2024, the RNC will not let that happen again.

This election cycle, our Election Integrity Department has worked with state legislators, officials and regulators to implement common sense rules to require Voter ID, ensure that only American citizens can vote, force states to clean up their voter rolls and protect mail-in ballots.

Where necessary, we have also engaged in lawsuits to institute these critical reforms or defend against attempts by Democrats to challenge them. To date, the RNC and state Republican parties across the country have engaged in more than 80 election integrity lawsuits in over 25 states. Just last week, the RNC joined the Republican Party of Pennsylvania to stop Democrats’ efforts to count mail-in ballots cast illegally. Also this month, we intervened to stop Nevada election officials’ illegal acceptance of mail-in ballots up to four days after Election Day.

We have achieved critical victories in states like New York to stop non-citizens from voting and Colorado to stop the left’s attempts to keep President Trump off the ballot–and will continue our aggressive campaign to ensure that we have the right rules of the road in place before votes are cast and counted.

We are also working to ensure transparency and fairness at the ballot box.

Recently, the RNC joined the Trump campaign in announcing our goal to deploy 100,000 volunteers and attorneys to serve as poll judges, workers and observers. The RNC already has attorneys and election integrity staff members on the ground in key states–and on Election Day, Republican poll watchers will be observing the process and reporting any irregularities. In the event of issues or problems, RNC lawyers and volunteer attorneys will provide rapid response services to resolve the issue using a sophisticated, tested action protocol.

Our efforts are proactive because Democrats are trying to change the rules of the game right now to eliminate commonsense election safeguards. We’re not just responding–we’re getting ahead of them, and we’re fighting back against their attempts to undermine commonsense election integrity laws across the country.

It is all hands on deck to ensure free and fair elections in November. I encourage you to join us at ProtectTheVote.com.

Michael Whatley is Chairman of the RNC. For more on the RNC’s efforts on election integrity, visit ProtectTheVote.com, or @RNCVoteProtect on X.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Republished with permission from The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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