Michelle Obama Says She Was ‘Uncontrollably Sobbing’ During Trump’s Inauguration Following Hillary’s Loss

The former First Lady Michelle Obama revealed in a recent episode of her podcast, “The Light Podcast,” that she was “uncontrollably sobbing” when President Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, in Washington, D.C.

“We were at the inauguration, and we know whose inauguration we were at. That day was so emotional for so many different reasons. We were leaving the home we had been in for eight years — the only home our kids really knew,” Michelle Obama said. “They remembered Chicago, but they had spent more time in the White House than anywhere, so we were saying goodbye to the staff and all the people who helped to raise them. There were tears. There was that emotion.”

At the time that the Obamas took office in 2009, their daughters – Malia and Sasha – were seven and ten. By the time they left office eight years later, both were in their late teens and soon to be off to college.

Michelle Obama continued by explaining that she saw no diversity while at the inauguration: “But then to sit on that stage and watch the opposite of what we represented on display. There was no diversity. There was no color on that stage. There was no reflection of the broader sense of America.”


“There were tears, there was that emotion,” she added about the day all while refusing to say Trump’s name.

While the former first lady was seemingly afraid to say Trump’s name, she did take the time to attack the size of President Trump’s inauguration crowd, a topic that got significant attention in the early days of the administration.

“You walk through the Capitol, you wave goodbye, you get on Marine One, and you take your last flight flying over the Capitol,” she said. “Where there weren’t that many people there — we saw it, by the way.”

It seems like the Obamas still aren’t over the devastating loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016. President Trump took the White House and transformed the country for the better and Mrs. Obama’s refusal to even say his name shows how irrational Democrats’ feelings towards the Republican president really are.

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