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John James, an Iraq War Veteran and Businessman, has announced that he will be running for the US House. James’s announcement comes after two unsuccessful attempts at running for the US Senate. James will be running for Michigan’s 10th congressional district—a new district outside of Detroit brought about due to redistricting. Michigan’s 10th congressional district has a reported partisan lean of Republican +6, and the Cook Political Report rates the race as “lean Republican.” 

In a tweet, James stated that “I fought on the battlefield for American lives and in business for good-paying jobs that fuel livelihoods. I will continue to fight for the hardworking families in Michigan’s 10th district…” In a campaign video, James stated that he is an “open-minded, free-thinking conservative that is not afraid to listen even if you disagree with me.” James touted his lack of government experience as a badge of honor with “I’m not a career politician, but I do know how to create jobs” He then presented voters with his background in business with “my automotive logistics business is the kind of business that put Michigan on the map.” 

In the same video, James made several populist appeals. He stated that “while politicians only care about themselves and making DC rich, Michigan people are left to struggle to make ends meet.” James argued that politicians don’t deserve preferential treatment, and that his employees are on the same healthcare that his family is on. James stated that he “is looking forward to bringing a voice to people who’ve been silenced.”

On the policy front, James has made the economy, education, holding this “failed administration” accountable, and bringing a voice to forgotten Michiganders at the forefront. He even argued that “a quality education is a basic civil right.” In an interview with Fox News, James said that “freedom is on the ballot.”

In the race for Michigan’s 10th congressional district, James joins fellow Republican Eric Esshaki—an attorney, former nurse, and former Republican nominee for Michigan’s 11th congressional district in 2020. Esshaki narrowly lost to Democratic Representative Haley Stevens by roughly 2.4 percentage points. Recent polling suggests that James easily defeats Esshaki for the Republican nomination—with James receiving 64% and Esshaki receiving 7%. In the Democratic primary, Palestinian American activist Huwaida Arraf and Warren County City Council Member Angela Rogensues have announced their intention to run for the seat. However, polling has Carl Malinga leading the pack with 33%. Malinga, Macomb County Circuit Court Judge, has not made any official announcement that he is running.

James was the Republican nominee for US Senate in both 2018 and 2020. In 2018, James challenged 18-year incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow. He was ultimately defeated after receiving 45.8% of the vote to Stabenow’s 52.3%. James outperformed most polls, which showed Stabenow with a double-digit lead, in a heavily Democratic wave year. President Trump referred to James as a “GOP rising star.” In 2020, James announced that he would again run for US Senate—this time challenging Democrat Gary Peters. James garnered 48.2% of the vote to Peters’ 49.9%. James once again outperformed polls—with polls showing Peters ahead by a little over 7%. With John James running for the US House, we’ll now see if the third time’s the charm.