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There has been a recent and drastic decrease in long-held Latin support for the Democratic Party, and the numbers seem to illustrate a sharp shift away from Democrats and toward Republicans, according to a new poll by CBS News.

The left has always been the party known for prolonging racial divides in this country in the name of power.

Unfortunately, the strategy of inflaming old wounds to divide America and creating new gender-neutral terms like LatinX, doesn’t seem to be having the same impact it used to on the Latin community.

Jill Biden’s recent reference to Latinos, calling them “breakfast tacos,” certainly didn’t boost these historically poor polling numbers.

Latinos have remained steadfast when it comes to their traditional adherence to Christianity and values derived from the teachings of Christ. It seems the left has forgotten these values — which serve as the strongest pillar of the Latin-American community. 

Latinos have always disagreed with most of the policies pushed by Democrats; however, due to pandering and empty promises, the left has been able to maintain a chokehold around the strong-willed voting bloc. 


Latinos aren’t just quitting the Democratic Party because of false promises, but are actually opting for membership within the GOP instead.  

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Aside from woke rhetoric and racial disrespect, inflationary surges in everyday products are killing the Latin community — which could very well be one of the most vulnerable sects in the United States today.

For these reasons, Democrats are pulling off two simultaneous wins for Republicans by shifting the Latin vote and inspiring Latinos across the country to run for office on the GOP ticket. 

Anna Paulina Luna (F.L.), Cassy Garcia (T.X.), and Tanya Contreras Wheeless (A.Z.) are all part of a growing number of Latin candidates who will be appearing up and down the ballot as hardline conservatives this November.

While Democrats have kept this minority group down for generations, it’s apparent now — more than ever — they’re finally willing to say enough is enough by rounding rejecting the manipulative tactics of the radical left, once and for all.