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Politico published a piece early Thursday morning, admitting the fact that Democrats are potentially headed for a “November wipeout” come the midterm elections, and highlighted how much money liberals are willing to spend to mitigate the potential red wave on the horizon — which is seemingly headed straight for them.

The article referred to the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” as “landmark legislation” which Democrats are now trying to jam down voters’ throats.

This, in a likely effort to offset any damage done by skyrocketing gas prices, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, a recession, higher taxes, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax police expansion, a radicalized Justice Department and Biden’s rapidly detartrating physical and mental condition.

“A trio of Democratic groups — Climate Power, the League of Conservation Voters and Future Forward USA Action, a nonprofit backed by several major Democratic donors — is dropping $10 million on a national TV ad campaign to define the legislation in the minds of voters,” the article read. “It’s the largest paid ad effort to bolster the legislation so far, as an array of Democratic groups and candidates kick off a 90-day sprint to promote the package and defy a brutal electoral environment for the party.”

Pete Maysmith, senior vice president of campaigns at the League of Conservation Voters told the outlet, “We need to aggressively tell this story.”

Politico even went to far as to compare the passage of Biden’s recent agenda items to that of ObamaCare, and how the result was a historic GOP win across the board in reply. It’s also noteworthy to highlight that after the 2010 red wave, Obama would never have the chance to work with a fully Democratic Congress for the remainder of his presidency. In fact, the House, Senate and local races swung even further right as a result of his policies.

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During that 2010 cycle, Democrats lost 63 federal House seats and six Senate seats, amounting to a Republican landslide. The GOP had similar successes in 2014, and 2016 as well.


“After President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law on Tuesday, White House cabinet officials fanned out across the country to stump for it, hosting events in California, Iowa, New Jersey, Arizona, Mississippi and Nevada on Thursday and Friday,” the Politico piece continued. “Vulnerable senators are talking it up on the campaign trail, while Democratic TV admakers are rushing to cut ads.”

Ian Russell, a Democratic ad maker and former political director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), reportedly told Politico that cash was the secret to a winning formula, so the message gets lodged into the voter’s subconscious.

“For it to stick in voters’ minds, Russell said, ‘you have to put money behind it,'” the story added. “‘You have to sell it through ads.'”

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is also planning to help market the legislation through TV and digital ad campaigns, according to a committee official who spoke with Politico.

The ads within the $10 million buy, will be sent out on cable stations and streaming platforms — with one set focusing strictly on climate change.

These adverts are “targeted to younger voters,” and “will air on cable channels like Comedy Central, MTV and AdultSwim, all with an eye toward drawing back in under 30 voters who have soured on the Biden administration, after turning out at historic levels for Democrats in 2018 and 2020.”

“Storms are stronger, the fires are bigger,” the advertisement’s narrator can be heard saying. “We are facing a climate emergency, and after decades of inaction, a president is finally doing something to fight it.”

This is, yet again, another ploy to buy off the problems of the nation with free giveaways and mental manipulation through advertising. Democrats must sense powerful tremors in their midterm polling to be making a such a desperate move.

Then again, when your candidate has had numerous mental lapses on camera, is pushing 80, and make Jimmy Carter seem competent — my guess is they’d try anything to stop the spiral, in an effort to hold onto the power they’ve already accumulated.

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