Mike Lindell And MyPillow Get CANCELED By Walmart

My Pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell is a fierce defender of liberty and the MAGA movement. When President Trump needed support, he was there. That kind of loyalty has made Mike loved in his community and by the world at large. Simply put, Mike Lindell is an icon, and we are proud to offer our support whenever he needs it most dearly.

While Mike had gained his fair share of admirers, a vocal minority is trying to cancel him at every turn. They argued that he supported the events that led to January 6. But Mike wants nothing more than for America to be at her best. As a follower of Christ, he desires to spread love across this great nation of ours.  And the lying Left hates him for that.

Walmart had been one of the last holdouts still supporting the patriotic CEO. But it appears Walmart has gone woke, as so many other companies did before them.  They will no longer be selling MyPillow products. And that’s a shame — both for their wallet and for their customers, who surely appreciate Mike’s great products,

Of course, we didn’t expect any different from a major retail store — they have been in the Left’s hand for some time.  But we are still sad to hear the news. Patriots are getting canceled left and right. The culture is to blame. As Americans, we need to say, ‘enough is enough!’ We are tired of it. Patriots like Mike Lindell should be admired by the culture, not canceled but it.

Mike Lindell took to his show, the ‘Lindell Report’ to discuss the news. And he responded with all the fire and fury you’d expect of an America First Conservative of the highest order.

Here is the description of the episode:

“Mike leads with breaking news that Walmart has canceled MyPillow! Since 2012 MyPillow has been a top seller in its class of products. In a conversation with a Walmart executive, he was told the reason was that MyPillow has gone below their threshold in their rating system. Rating system? When did they start this? They stated that it was a little over two years ago. Really? We all know what this is about and it’s despicable. “

That is despicable. As Mike Lindell said in the show:

“It is over. Bye-bye Walmart. I am going to pass everything on to my customers, to everyone in the United States of America”

BOOM! And you can take advantage of that gift by going to www.mypillow.com and using promo code “DCE”. You could save up to 66% off the great MyPillow products.

Here is the full video:

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