BREAKING: Mike Lindell Sends Thousands Of Pillows To The Freedom Truckers for Free

MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell is a true patriot. Mike was a struggling gambling and cocaine addict who radically turned his life around by the grace of God. Mike quickly became a media personality, filling the TV screens across virtually all networks. His pillows were and are still a smashing success.

Mike stood with Donald Trump in 2016 and fought with the Former President throughout the 2020 election. He helped promote the various audits after the election — further cementing his status as a household name. All in all, Mike is exactly what America is all about!

That’s why when we heard Mike Lindell was manufacturing thousands of pillows for the Freedom Convoy, we knew we had to report about it.

Both Mike and the Freedom Convoy stand for the fundamental liberties of all people. They know mandates only serve to divide us further from each other. Whatever you think of vaccines, mandates are neither good nor just. We stand with both Mike Lindell and the Freedom Truckers as they fight for the freedom of conscience and the right to peacefully and patriotically protest government injustice. MyPillow is shipping thousands of pillows to the convoy, which I am sure are direly needed. We will continue updating as we learn more about this great Patriot’s actions!

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