‘Morning Joe’ Panel Offended Republicans Don’t Want To Share Easter With Trans ‘Day Of Visibility’

A “Morning Joe” panel on Monday was offended by Republicans’ reactions to a White House transgender proclamation overlapping with Easter.

President Joe Biden proclaimed a “Transgender Day of Visibility” during Easter weekend, which conservatives criticized. MSNBC host Jonathan Lemire and analyst Donny Deutsch said transgenderism has such a small impact on society that their pushback does not make sense.


“Republicans are seizing upon trans issues as like their go-to wedge issue this time around,” Lemire said. “We’ve covered it. Joe [Scarborough] talks about it, about the issue of just how small it really is in sports, in high school, college sports. But Republicans think its a huge, huge deal. We saw them lean in heavily all weekend on this, this very online right-wing Trumpist presence, thinking this is going to be an issue that really resonates with voters.

“You have your finger on the pulse as to what people care about or not. Do people care about this?” Lemire asked Deutsch. “And if this is what Republicans have, is this the best they have? That’s not going to be enough.”

The White House posted the proclamation Friday, to recognize “the extraordinary courage and contributions of transgender Americans.” Easter Sunday also took place on March 31.

“Here’s why I think Republicans so heinously seize on the trans issue,” Deutsch responded. “Obviously the numbers are not there. The amount of trans athletes competing is, men with women, 0.0001% … This is an issue that, oh, wait, boys can be girls, girls can be boys that is this simplistic, I know the world doesn’t make any sense to you anymore, get it? See what’s happening?

“Boys aren’t even boys anymore. Girls aren’t even girls anymore. And it’s this like dumbed down version of, we’ll make sense of the world for you if it doesn’t make any sense to you anymore. It’s this like sliver issue … That’s the dumbed down simplistic issue of why they go after the trans issues and it’s tragic and it’s disgusting,” he concluded.

Social media users criticized the Biden for what they believed was disrespectful to Christians.

Republished with permission from The Daily Caller News Foundation.
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