New Poll Reveals the Biden Administration Can’t Fool Americans, Most Voters Blame Biden For Record Gas Prices

Are you tired of being punished at the gas pump? Well, if you are, that probably means you are an American citizen. The Democrats are blaming Putin and greedy price-gouging executives. As such, you might think most voters would be confused about who is really responsible for these record-high gas prices. But that is not the case. Most voters blame the true cause — Joe Biden.

Joe Biden destroyed US Energy production after inconsistent messaging on the issue in the 2020 election. His justification was climate change initiatives. And America has still not recovered from the disastrous effects of Biden’s policies.

Moreover, Biden did not handle the Ukraine crisis as ably as a US President should. In fact, his record on Ukraine is about as poor as it could get. You could argue that has some relationship to the rise in prices. Now, no one here is defending Russia. But we all remember the gas prices rising before Putin mounted his offensive into Ukraine. Biden is a cause of the catastrophe, and it is good time he apologized to America for the injustice he did us all. He works for us — we do not work for him. Perhaps Americans will punish his party at the poll booth the same way he is punishing us at the gas pump. That is only fair.

A recent Rasmussen poll should give you optimism if you are looking forward to a Republican victory in 2022. Gas prices are a bread-and-butter issue for Americans. And most likely voters blame Biden for the high gas prices we are currently experiencing. Moreover, 84 percent of Americans consider our gas prices a major problem. Here are some choice results:

84 percent of likely voters consider our rising gas and energy prices to be a major issue. Most likely voters consider Biden the chief cause. Only 15 percent of voters think Putin is the chief cause, and 26 percent blame the oil companies themselves.

These numbers spell bad news for Biden and the Democrats. Perhaps if they reintroduce America First energy policies, they might stand a chance. But until then, Republicans are bound to clean up in 2022.

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