Mourners Tear Into Meghan Markle While Mourning the Late Queen

The controversial and royally-disconnected Meghan Markle is facing backlash from those mourning the recent death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This worldwide criticism comes after Markle reportedly encouraged her husband, Prince Harry, to relinquish his royal responsibilities and move overseas to The United States.

Markle gained slight public notoriety when she appeared on the TV show Suits, where she filled the role of Rachel Zane. With her tiny bit of fame, Markle later met the now-King Charles’ son Prince Harry. Somewhat of a courting period began between the two, catching many in the general public off-guard.


Shortly after things began to heat up between the duo, Markle appeared to have whisked Prince Harry away to Los Angeles. Rumors speculated that she pressured the Prince into doing this because she felt racial tension from the Royal Family and wanted to live a normal life. However, after a few months in the real world, many started wondering if they were facing financial problems.

Both of them quickly grew unpopular among the British. Markle took the brunt of the dislike when she threw the race card at her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who oversaw an entire commonwealth of different races and ethnicities during her reign.

Disapproval of the couple seems to have hit an all-time high recently. One of her most outspoken critics is Piers Morgan, who made them a target of one of his recent shows:

A video also went viral after showing a woman turning her shoulder to Markle as she was walking through the procession. The photo below is a snapshot of the moment the Markle charm failed again:

Many believe that out of respect, Markle should’ve stayed home from the funeral. After embarrassing the Royal Family on the world stage, making grievous allegations of racism, and seeking more attention via an Oprah interview, she was the last person anyone wanted to see during this tremendous loss in the United Kingdom.

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