Progressive Minister Likens Pro-Life Policies To Slavery In BIZARRE MSNBC Interview

A guest who appeared on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ made an absurd analogy during a Friday interview, likening abortion restrictions to American slavery and other extreme horrors.

Reverend Jenifer Butler was brought on to discuss an online op-ed she’d written late last month titled, “Christian Nationalism is Dangerous to Christians.” She parlayed this topic into abortion and was spouting liberal talking points within seconds.

“Our entire faith is about the care of vulnerable people and pushing back on those who would oppress others. And unfortunately, what’s happened in America, is Christianity has long been used to justify the oppression of others,” she began. “It was used to justify slavery, it was used to justify Jim Crow. Now it’s being used to justify blocking women from the reproductive care — abortion care — that they need to raise healthy families. And that is not my faith.”

“The majorities [sic] of religious people in this country support a women’s access to abortion care because we believe in her [the mother’s] moral agency,” Butler continues. “Christianity has been used to justify terrible racial oppression. We need, as Christians, to speak more loudly about our faith, that our faith calls us to resist the pharaohs, the Egyptian kings, the Roman Caesars of our day. And so we are organizing now, to push back on that and to really reclaim our faith for justice and for compassion.”


According to her bio, Butler is an ordained “Presbyterian minister and the CEO of Faith in Public Life, a network of 50,000 religious leaders advancing social justice.”

She has a particular affinity for progressive causes — even fighting against Republican opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

In her aforementioned article, she argues a position few in the theological world would defend.

Christians believe God has a destiny for every person and every nation. The values in the Constitution align with his natural and revealed law. Therefore, it stands to reason that when we terminate the unborn, God is not pleased with that fact.

That doesn’t qualify as ‘Christian Nationalism’; it’s plain common sense. More importantly, the recent SCOTUS decision was decidedly not a religious one. The Justices never appealed to any organized set of religious beliefs. They merely affirmed the rights of states to set their own abortion restrictions or choose to not have any at all  — Rights which they had already been given prior to Roe v. Wade.

The Christian argument against abortion is simple: Abortion is murder. God condemns murder. Therefore, God’s law conflicts with abortion.

The reasoning against this practice, from the Christian perspective, is clear. No appeal to ‘agency’ will change their mind like the Rev. Bulter would have us believe. Yes, humans have autonomy and agency, but without divinity or a moral code to accompany it we are little more than talking animals.

There are tricky cases, however. Cases that may not involve abortion and which State laws generally take into account. But agency is not license.

More importantly, a reasonable comparison could be made between the systematic neglect of enslaved people’s rights and the systematic neglect of the rights of the unborn.

We have the freedom to achieve excellence, not to spread immorality. That’s what’s missing from Butler’s presentation.

The genuine nature of Christian charity centers on adherence to God’s revealed Law and Word. Caring for both the unborn and their mothers is the Christian way to exercise “justice and compassion.” We hope Butler learns to appreciate that fact.

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