Top Leftist News Anchor PRAISES Tucker Carlson In Stunning Interview: ‘Tucker’s Doing Great’

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow offered some well-deserved praise for one of her top competitors on Sunday, and it surprisingly came in the form of positive feedback about Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

“Like, Tucker’s doing great right now,” Maddow told Vanity Fair. “But look at Tucker’s career. The first show I worked on was his 11 o’clock show on MSNBC that nobody remembers. But he was always kicking around the business and has always been talented. It just—this turned out to be his moment.”

This is a big compliment from someone on the exact opposite side of the political spectrum as Tucker. Carlson’s professionalism and first-class reporting have always been respected by those who understand the business, and millions across the nation watch and support his primetime show.

Tucker gave Maddow her first opportunity in television back in 2005 — when she was a panelist on his MSNBC show ‘Tucker’ — before the network had fully doubled down on the woke politics, we see from the outlet today.

Maddow also recalled running into Tucker at an event adding, “it was really nice to see him.”


She avoided talking about politics in the interview and instead focused on the competitive relationship she has with other news hosts, such as Carlson.

In the past, she also offered a similar evaluation of Fox News’ Sean Hannity, The Hill reported.

“If you think about baseball players, who are extremely competitive and who are fighting to win and who have rivalries, and some of those rivalries are bitter rivalries, that doesn’t mean you don’t study the pitching technique of their star pitcher.” Maddow said.

“It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate whatever they’re doing in terms of, you know, where they put their shortstop in order to give them a better defense,” she added. “There’s a sort of, like, respecting the game, in terms of people who are doing well and people who are good at it.”

Carlson is a master practitioner of his craft. Even if one disagrees with his point of view — as Maddow does — one can’t knock his ability to present the news in a compelling and interesting way. News Anchors of all stripes would do well to learn from Tucker, who respects his audience and the art of news reporting as a means to uncover the truth.

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