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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough claimed anti-abortion legislation coming out of Kansas and Idaho served as something of a “rapist’s bill of rights,” during an episode of “Morning Joe” on Wednesday.

“You look at all the extremities, and now, again, in another Republican State legislator, trying to give the right to members of a rapist’s family to sue a rape victim for $20,000, unless she has a forced pregnancy, this is a rapists bill of rights that these Republicans are passing,” Scarborough proclaimed.

These comments came on the heels of Kansas voters rejecting an amendment that would have removed the constitutional right to an abortion within their state, following the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court.

“I just think, you look at Kansas, And I think it’s an example of a lot of people who identify themselves as pro-life looking at what’s happening since Roe’s been overturned, looking at the extremism, looking at the… ten-year-old girls being chased from their state, looking at the Texas Attorney-General fighting for the right to let mothers die on an operating table,” Scarborough said.

“To tear away the protections that the federal government is trying to put in place, to protect moms to have a choice on whether they die on an operating table or not.”


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There are several confusions here, of course. For one, ten-year-old girls are typically not being chased from their homes. as the majority of states still allow for ample time periods for patients to procure an abortion.

Ohio, one of the state’s Scarborough referenced, has a six-week ban, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

In addition, Texas Attorney-General Ken Paxton (R) is not pushing for women to die on operating tables but instead — arguing against an incredibly broad understanding of what constitutes an emergency in medical terms, Dallas Morning News reported.

Finally, the Idaho law Scarborough referenced as the “rapist’s bill of rights,” does not single out rapist’s families — it functions like the Texas Law in giving citizens without qualification, a right to sue people who end the life of their unborn child. The Law does include an exception for rape and incest if it is reported to law enforcement, per Yahoo News.

We have, yet again, another example of MSNBC attempting to mislead the public into thinking the GOP is pushing extreme measures. The real extremists are liberal Democrats, and the midterm elections are shaping up to be a significant referendum on their policies, in the form of a massive red wave.