Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Phenomenal Comeback for Democrat Attorney Trying to Remove Her from Georgia Ballot

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, elected by the people of Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, was forced to sit in front of a judge on Friday to defend her candidacy.

That being said, the support for Greene was evident in the courtroom as a video emerged of loud applause when Greene entered the room.

According to CBS News, the challenge began after 5 voters in Greene’s district advocated that Greene’s alleged role on January 6th should make her ineligible for re-election.

The group seeking to remove her from the ballot claim that her alleged role on January 6th, over a year ago, makes her ineligible for re-election under a clause in the 14th amendment that prohibits individuals who start insurrections from running for elected office.

It seems as if the prosecution is grasping at straws. In one video from the trial, you can hear the prosecutor say, “You know that 1776 is a term that is sometimes used in politics today.” Marjorie Taylor Greene came back with “I don’t know if you’ve noticed our state seal here in Georgia, I know you’re not from Georgia, but as you can see, we enjoy our history and we’re proud of our freedoms.” “1776 is on our state seal.”

The prosecutor tried to bring the conversation back to his point saying, “And it’s also a term that is used in political discourse in America today,” Congresswoman Greene got straight to the point saying, “I don’t use it as a term for violence.”

The Freedom Caucus made a statement regarding Greene’s trial saying, “The voters of Georgia’s 14th congressional district do not need Democrat funded attorneys and radical activists to control which candidates they will be allowed to support in the upcoming election.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene has certainly made a name for herself and hasn’t run from controversy, but like the Freedom Caucus said, Georgia’s 14th district elected her. Therefore it’s their decision whether they elect her for a second term.

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