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The Los Angeles City Council voted to ban homeless encampments nearby schools and daycares on Tuesday, as the number of homeless people in the city has reportedly been rising drastically in recent years — without any signs of slowing. 

During the vote, multiple demonstrators infiltrated the City Council’s chambers and protested the members — leading to one activist breaching the barrier separating the public from said elected officials. 

The scene got so tense that at one point the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) had to bring in additional officers to deal with the crowd of activists in the council chambers — who argued the ban would further criminalize homelessness, according to The Daily Wire.

Despite the presence of protesters, the council approved the motion by a final tally of 11-3, as the city is currently being hit with homeless encampments in nearly every neighborhood.

“This is an issue of restoring order and safety among our most precious sites in the city of Los Angeles,” Councilmember Joe Buscaino said, during the vote. “Our students are already traumatized with socio-economic issues,” he continued, adding that children shouldn’t be exposed to sex acts, open drug use, and psychotic behavior, taking place right next to their schoolyards.

The nonprofit group, “People Assisting the Homeless (PATH),” led the effort to oppose the ban, and argued the homeless were more likely to be victims of violence than act as the perpetrators, The Associated Press reported.


“Enforcement of anti-camping ordinances, then, only displaces people and makes it harder for trained outreach staff to establish trust again,” PATH said in the statement. “Residents of cleared encampments, unless connected to stable permanent housing through a trauma-informed case management process, often return to unsheltered homelessness.”

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The homelessness issue in Los Angeles has been gradually increasing with a 13 percent rise at the beginning of 2020, according to the annual “Point in Time Count” — with 66,000 homeless in the county and 41,000 in the city.

Now that the measure has passed, all that’s left is for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) is to sign it — as support for the homeless has begun to wane in the City of Angels.

With the consequences of Democratic policies taking root in California, residents are now fleeing the area in favor of a future filled with freedom, and prosperity — because their state is no longer the paradise it once was and is quickly devolving into a chaotic ruin.

Only time will tell if local leaders have the courage to do what is necessary, in order to turn things around. 

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