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Elon Musk countersued Twitter on Friday, raising the intensity of an already hot-blooded conflict between the tech giant and the world’s richest man.

Musk has reportedly decided to keep the details of the case private. He had previously reached an agreement to buy the social media company but has since pulled out of the deal, claiming Twitter violated the terms of the agreement — mainly by not being more open about how many bot accounts were inflating the platform’s financial value.

Musk’s making the suit confidential marks a change in his previously boisterous, and often public, disposition regarding the deal.

Musk struck a deal back in late April to purchase and take the company private for $44 billion. Poor market conditions, however, led to a decline in the stock Musk had planned to use, in order to subsidize his vision.


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It was not long after the deal fell through that Musk alleged Twitter did not disclose the true amount of spam/bot accounts on the platform — and cited this as one of the main reasons for terminating the agreement.

Twitter responded by suing the billionaire in the Delaware Court of Chancery in an attempt to force the deal.

As of writing, the suit filed by Musk’s legal team has yet to be made public on any major platform. A redacted version may become available in the near future, as the fight draws out.

The ruling judge Chancellor, Kathaleen St. J McCormick, scheduled the five-day trial to begin on Oct. 17.

Now the world– and all of social media — are waiting on pins and needles to see what happens next.