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Prolific actor and podcaster Russell Brand addressed credible insider trading allegations against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her husband Paul on his show Thursday. expressing extreme ire towards the pair along the way.

“Today we’re talking about Nancy Pelosi and the stock market,” Brand began. “She has been confronted with the grim truth that possibly some people believe that Nancy Pelosi’s trading deals, or the Pelosi family’s trading deals, are somewhat benefiting from Nancy Pelosi’s insider information.”

“So while the Congress is debating whether or not to give billions of dollars of support to the chip industry, Paul Pelosi has invested in a company that benefits from profits in the chip industry.” he added.

Brand is known for his maverick political views — which place him amongst the Joe Rogans of the world in the podcasting scene. He’s usually not afraid to challenge the liberal consensus whenever he feels like doing so.


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“Now, if you see a connection between Nancy Pelosi debating about whether to give billions of dollars of support, to the chip industry, and Paul Pelosi invested in the chip industry, you’re obviously some sort of conspiracy theorist, are you?” Brand continues, in a sarcastic tone.

He also dissected Pelosi’s response to a reporter who asked her about the aforementioned allegations.

“If ever you’re asked a difficult question in public and you don’t know how to answer it, there’s a few simple tips. First, ask em to repeat the question then sort of crane forward all weirdly. Then say, ‘no,’ as if you’re sort of offended by that,” Brand said of Pelosi’s response. “Even though perhaps all day at work you’ve been debating whether or not to give billions of dollars to the chip industry, your husband has just invested in the chip industry.”

The actor has enough common sense to see through Pelosi’s façade. Maybe more and more Americans will also wake up to the strong possibility that the Speaker of the House has been corrupted beyond the country’s wildest dreams — and is getting filthy rich off the backs of taxpayers in the process.