New BOMBSHELL Uncovered, Joe Biden Signed Off on Letter Regarding Hunter’s Profiteering in Ukraine with Burisma

America First Legal, a non-profit law center that according to Influence Watch  “aims to use litigation to oppose left-of-center policies”, announced some startling news on Twitter. They noted that due to their victorious Freedom of Information Act-related lawsuit against the National Archives, they finally got new documents “directly linking Joe Biden to Hunter’s profiteering in Ukraine” from the archives.

America First Legal had a rather lengthy Twitter thread on the subject. “Despite Joe Biden’s assertions that he had no involvement with Hunter’s appointment to Burisma, he signed off on the official statement in response to questions from reporters about whether Hunter’s position undermined the VP’s credibility in pushing anti-corruption measures,” they wrote showcasing a 2015 email exchange between a government official and Eric D. Schwerin, a Rosemont Seneca employee.

America First Legal noted that “Eric D. Schwerin, Hunter’s associate at Rosemont Seneca Advisors, LLC, corrected typos in Vice President Biden’s official statement.” The law center also revealed that “The VP’s office connected reporters (who were writing about Hunter’s appointment to Burisma) to Amos Hochstein, the ‘point’ person for International Energy Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, to provide a ‘unique and valuable perspective’ on the relationships in Ukraine.”

They further reported that “Wall Street Journal journalist Paul Sonne reached out to the office of the Vice President regarding whether Hunter’s involvement with Zlochevsky at Burisma would undermine the Vice President’s message on Ukraine” and displayed an email by Mr. Sonne on this matter.

Then came the major bombshell when the law center wrote “Office of the Vice President connected the Wall Street Journal to Amos Hochstein. Amos Hochstein is, according to Politico, ‘the most influential Joe Biden adviser that most people don’t know about.’ According to Axios, he is ‘one of President Biden’s closest confidants.’ According to Chuck Grassley [R-IO] and Ron Johnson [R-WI] committees’ staff report, then-U.S. Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs Amos Hochstein raised concerns with VP Biden and Hunter that Hunter’s position on Burisma’s board enabled Russian disinformation efforts and risked undermining U.S. policy in Ukraine.”

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They explained that “Hochstein testified to the committees that he did not recommend that Hunter leave Burisma’s board because he did not ‘believe that was my place to have that discussion, one way or the other.’ Jim Risen, New York Times journalist, was also working on a story related to Vice President Biden’s trip to Ukraine and Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma Holdings and reached out to the Office of the Vice President.

They noted that “[a]fter providing him with the official statement signed off by Joe Biden, the Office of the Vice President recommended he speak with Amos Hochstein, ‘the State Department point on International Energy Affairs.’ Instead of answering the question from the New York Times regarding whether Hunter had ever traveled with Vice President Biden to Ukraine, the Office of the Vice President urged the New York Times not to publish embarrassing details from Hunter’s record.”

In effect, Biden’s office was working in tandem with Hunter Biden’s business associates in crafting responses to the press. Indeed in the first email exchange that was exhibited the phrase “VP [then Joe Biden] signed off on this” appeared. America First Legal also noted the existence of email records from high-ranking government foreign policy personnel like Victoria Nuland, Marie Yovanovitch, Anna Makanju, and Eric Ciaramella expressing concern about this matter. The lattermost person is suspected of being the whistleblower who led to Trump’s first impeachment.

America First Legal highlighted the significance of their find by writing that “[g]iven the evidence that the VP Biden was signing off on statements concerning his son’s involvement with Burisma and that Obama officials were aware of Burisma’s alleged activities, it appears that former President Trump’s concerns about Biden family corruption were shared. The apparent failure of federal authorities to open or pursue appropriate criminal inquiries raises troubling concerns about the poisoning of our justice system with political agendas. These documents also take on heightened significance given escalating military conflict in Ukraine. America First Legal will continue to release more documents as they are obtained as a result of our litigation.”

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