“One of the worst presidents in U.S. history” New Poll Reveals How Dismal Biden’s Re-Election Chances Are

President Joe Biden is a failed leader and he is quickly losing the respect of the American people — including his own voter base. After a devastating month of polling, Joe Biden was hit by another doozy. Voters rank the current President among the worst to ever do it. Indeed, on average, they rank President Biden lower than historically unpopular Presidents like Barrack Obama and Donald Trump. Simply put, Biden had better hope things change quickly if he wants to win in 2024.

President Biden, after the disastrous withdrawal of Afghanistan, has enjoyed historically bad polling numbers. Biden had been a popular President as far as polling stats go up to that point. But with the Omicron variant raging and an uncertain economy looming in the air, Biden has become less and less revered. Recently, Biden’s Real Clear Politics average fell below Donald Trump’s for the first year of his Presidency. As we know, Trump’s policies were incredibly popular, and the country prospered under his leadership. Nonetheless, the mainstream media attacked President Trump’s character and his Twitter record (especially the latter). The media often tried to stoke tensions in Trump’s success that were not there. The media claimed Trump would generate crippling inflation. That never happened. The media, and Biden himself, insinuated Trump’s assassination of notorious war criminal Qasem Soleimani would start a war. That never happened. Biden himself is the one enfranchising inflation and progressively heightening war tensions.

Biden, on the other hand, was portrayed as a grandfatherly champion of the centrist vision espoused by Bill Clinton and many old-wave Democrats. He would unite the country, a country that has been divided politically since at least the nineties. However, Biden has been anything but centrist on the issues. He, not Trump, is the real great divider. And the polls demonstrate the American people are waking up to Biden’s con act.

Rasmussen Reports is a very respectable polling outlet. They are known for their accuracy, as we reported last week. A new poll put out last Wednesday shows that 54 percent of voters believe Biden will be remembered among the worst to ever do it. Only 12 percent think he will be remembered among the best ever. Around 25 percent of voters believe Biden will be remembered as an average US President.

Rasmussen reported drastically different numbers with regards to Former President Trump:

“Voters have a much higher opinion of former President Donald Trump. Forty-one percent (41%) think Trump will be remembered as one of America’s best presidents, compared to 43% who believe Trump will rank as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history, and 12% who say Trump’s presidency was about average.”

Rasmussen also reported numbers for former President Obama. Only 33 percent think Obama is among the worst Presidents ever. While that number is less than President Trump’s 43 percent number, Obama’s positive numbers among likely voters are likewise inferior to Trump’s. Only 34 percent believe President Obama will be remembered among the best to ever do it.

Biden is a President on the decline. Biden’s hopes for a second term look grimmer and grimmer as the days march forward into 2024.

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