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On this week of July 4, 2022, we reflect on our storied history. We also consider how far we have strayed from that original founding ideal. We lament our many failures. And yet, we plan to right our wrongs — particularly at the ballot box.

2022 could very well be the start of a new movement, one centered on a renewed appreciation for our constitution. We certainly hope so.

The problems in Biden’s America are legion. We are being punished at the gas pump. We lack a stable and secure border. We are not respected on the world stage. Additionally, inflation is rampant and out of control.

We could go on. But most of all, our freedoms and values are under attack — particularly from one side of the aisle. The Party of Lincoln has mostly upheld its end of the bargain. We cannot say the same for the Party of Barack Obama.

As Americans, we have had enough of the disrespect. Biden and his cronies do not love America as established. Resultantly, they are trying as hard as ever to change America. But an America without her fundamental values is no America.

Of course, we acknowledge our failures over the course of our history in implementing the founder’s vision. We concur our founders did not live lives with perfect consistency to their ideals. But as Americans, we love and revere what those renowned men of yore did for us, and we will always laud and cherish their memory.

A new Rasmussen poll shows us that Americans are convinced that if the Founding Fathers could look at America today, they would be less than impressed. The poll finds:

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 27% of American Adults believe the Founding Fathers would consider the United States a success, down from 34% a year ago. Fifty-three percent (53%) now say the Founding Fathers – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, among others – would view America as a failure. Twenty percent (20%) are undecided.”

These results are startling. They should cause us to reflect and pick leaders more in keeping with the values of our Founding. We need less Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and more Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Our Founders would certainly agree.

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One side, the side of Lincoln, cherishes liberty and upholds the constitution according to its original intent. The other, the party of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,  pays lip service to liberty but really encourages libertinism. And as Adams notes, the Constitution is made for a moral and religious people, not a people of license.

More importantly, the Democrats read the Constitution as a document that can change on any whim or fancy. There is no fixity, no settled means of interpretation. As such, our Founder’s vision is scarcely a concern. After all, the Founders were little more than flagrant racists to the Democrat Party of Modernity. Why should we value their input on the Democrat supposition?

But as Americans, we know better. We do not worship our Founders. Only God is owed adoration. And yet, we revere them with that civil service they are obliged. We have a duty, not just to our future, but to our past. We do not look to the past uncritically.

And yet, we look to it with openness and charity — we presume they had a pretty good idea of what they were doing. That’s all our Founders would ask of us. Let’s do right by them!