New Poll Shows RINO Lisa Murkowski’s Re-election Chances Dwindling, As MAGA Candidate Gains Ground

Alaska MAGA Republican Kelly Tshibaka is now in a statistical tie with incumbent Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) after trailing the notorious “Republican In Name Only” (RINO) candidate.  Murkowski, who voted to impeach President Trump, has been an unfortunate occupant of the United States Senate for 21 years — compromising on the America First vision her constituents sorely desire.

Recent polling put out by Cygnal could spell bad news for Murkowski — and it takes into account Alaska’s ranked-choice voting system, a system where voters rank candidates by preference on their ballot. As Breitbart reports: “Tshibaka leads Murkowski on the first ballot by 7.9 points and on the second by 9.3 points. On the third ballot, the poll shows Murkowski leading Tshibaka by 0.2 percent, a statistical tie.”

This is the last thing Murkowski wanted to hear. As Five Thirty-Eight notes, the last poll available pitting Murkowski and Tshibaka against each other had Murkowski leading by four points. And now, that lead has evaporated. With the support of Donald Trump and America First Republicans, RINO Senator Murkowski has to be very afraid. She tried to stump the Trump, and it came back to bite her!

While many argue Murkowski can win on the backs of Democrat voters, Tshibaka is making moves to bridge that gap. As Alaska’s Ketchikan Daily News reports:


“She [Tshibaka] also noted that she was endorsed by Edgar Blatchford, a former Democratic candidate for the Senate seat.
‘I think it’s important to remember we build coalitions around shared values, around things like the fact that we’ve, together, experienced our collective vulnerability to supply chain issues and the crash of tourism and business across America. On the West coast, we have this issue of federal land control. All of the West Coast senators share this problem. I think we can build a coalition of the transfer of public lands back. And remember, down the West Coast, all of the senators are Democrats.'”
We need Senators who can work together for the common good without compromise. It is looking like Republicans have a contender in Tshibaka and she will not back down without a fight.
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