'We Are Literally Considering Everything': New York City Could Close Major Streets To House Migrants As End Of Title 42 Overwhelms City

In New York City's desperate attempt to quell the migrant masses that have been pouring into the city, officials have begun to even consider housing migrants in large sections of closed-off streets.

As previously covered by the DC Enquirer, New York has had to declare a state of emergency in response to the massive amount of migrants expected to arrive in the city following the expiration of Title 42 on Thursday. It seems New York has grown even more desperate than before, with a spokesperson telling Fox News, "We are literally considering everything at this point (in terms of housing options) and yes the city is considering housing asylum-seekers on NYC streets." 

City officials are expecting as many as 800 migrants to arrive in the city daily upon the expiration of Title 42, an amount the city has made clear they cannot handle. The numbers were obtained in a confidential memo that was leaked by CBS 2.

Mayor Eric Adams (D) has already had to sign an executive order on Wednesday to remove the city’s obligation to immediately find private rooms for asylum seekers, as the city simply doesn’t have the resources to do so. 

The problem is becoming more dire for the city of New York, as suburban mayors have issued executive orders banning the migrants from being kept there. Adams initially began a plan that would help alleviate New York City by bussing migrants out into the suburbs, but now that plan has been entirely upended. 

The actions by both Adams and the Biden administration have drawn ire from upset citizens and Republican lawmakers for their lack of decisive action to properly curb the problem. New York GOP Chair Ed Cox released a statement, saying, “Starting at the top, Joe Biden has rolled out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants – over five million have crossed our southern border since he took office – and the crisis will get worse with the expiration of Title 42.”

Cox continued ripping into the Democrat's response to the crisis, saying, “Kathy Hochul, Eric Adams, Chuck Schumer, and Kirsten Gillibrand could alleviate this crisis by demanding in no uncertain terms that Joe Biden close the border.”

"All four lack the political will to challenge a President of their own party," he said. "New Yorkers will continue to pay the price for their inaction, as the illegal immigrant crisis here and nationally continues to spiral out of control."

New York is facing a problem of their own making, with the largely Democrat-infested city voting for open border measures like the one overwhelming the city. Maybe as things continue to worsen for the Big Apple, their citizens will begin to grasp the true consequences of what it means to have these mass immigration policies. 
  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images / Getty Images
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