In Shocking New Move, New York City Ends Vaccine Passports and Masking In K-12 Schools

The Democrats are starting to wake up. Their COVID-19 mandate policies are not renowned among the American Public. In fact, these policies are anything but popular. For instance, a recent Rasmussen Poll demonstrates only 39 percent of voters endorse vaccine mandates for students.  The Democrats are in for a shellacking of monumental proportions unless they shape up and change their policies surrounding mandates. For if they do not, 2022 and 2024 are looking to be very good years for the Republican Party.

Fortunately for the Democrats, their leaders have seen the writing on the walls. The Democrats are changing in a big way. For instance, Biden and the Dems recently dropped their mask mandate for the State of the Union Address. And with these changes, America will be made better and more alive again. Of course, the Democrats are being rather opportunistic with their recent moves. There is no evidence the Democrats are acting on principle. But still, we are happy to see them change, if only for the sake of our freedoms and the freedoms of the kids in blue states.

New York City is as blue as they come. The city has pushed mask mandates and other public health measures more aggressively than most other blue cities. And yet, the Dems in NYC see the problems these policies are creating. There is nothing wrong with masking and vaccinations. But when they are forced on people who do not want it, that becomes an issue of conscience. And violations of conscience may not be a physical health issue, but it certainly is a psychological, spiritual, and moral health problem.

Recently, New York Mayor Eric Adams agreed to end the public vaccine passport policy and also the mask mandate for K-12 Schools. This is a noticeable shift from his earlier policies, and the suggestions of his predecessor, Bill De Blasio. According to NYC.Gov, the details of the policy are as follows:

  • Key to NYC rules will be suspended. Indoor venues, including restaurants, fitness facilities, and entertainment spaces will no longer be required to check for proof of vaccination before customers enter. Businesses previously covered by Key to NYC rules will still have the flexibility to require proof of vaccination or masking indoors if they choose.
  • Masks will no longer be required on public school grounds for kindergarten to 12th grade students. While these public school children will be able to remove their masks, if they so choose, schools will continue to maintain strict COVID-19 protocols, including increased ventilation, a daily screener to ensure those with symptoms do not come to school, and test kit distribution. Masks will continue to be required for all settings with children under 5 years of age (where none of the population is yet eligible for the vaccine), including programs contracted by the New York City Department of Education with 3- and 4-year-old children as well as 3k and 4K classrooms in district schools.  “

We are excited for this news, and it signals a major change for our country heading into 2022. However, we hope voters see through these moves. The Democrats would lock you up forever if it were popular enough. Fortunately for sanity and common sense, that is no longer the case.

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